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Mountain Valley MD Holdings Inc. Management

Dennis Hancock

President & CEO, Mountain Valley MD - Board of Directors

Dennis Hancock is a senior sales and marketing executive with over 25 years of experience spanning automotive, tech, telco, retail and financial services sectors. Dennis spent more than 12 years in a leadership role at one of North America’s leading performance improvement and Loyalty providers, Maritz, who works with 70% of the world’s Super 50 companies. Dennis led publicly traded ZENN Motor Company as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. As a senior officer at ZMC, Dennis drove the establishment of ZENN – (Zero Emission, No Noise) as one of the most recognized “green tech” brands in North America. Dennis has several startups established, including PerformanceSPARK, an agency that works with leading organizations to identify and deliver on the key elements necessary to drive measurable performance growth, and co-founder of CrowdSeating Inc., an innovative social concert platform that provides fans with a conduit to crowdfund their favourite artist for a unique concert experience.

Aaron Triplett CFO


Aaron Triplett is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA), and has accumulated over 15 years experience in the field of financial management and accounting, specializing in forecasting, compliance and risk management, and the development and monitoring of control systems. Most recently, Mr. Triplett served as CFO of Grande West Transportation Group Inc. (TSXV: BUS), a Canadian manufacturer of mid-sized multi-purpose transit vehicles for sale in Canada and the United States. Aaron was instrumental in the Company’s financial growth initiatives, securing a $20 million and $5 million revolving credit facility with major Canadian banks. Prior to that, Mr. Triplett served as the CFO of Angkor Resources Corp. (TSXV: ANK), a mineral exploration company with operations in Cambodia. Mr. Triplett’s work experience also includes audit and assurance manager for a mid size public accounting firm.

Paul Lockhard


Paul Lockhard is an experienced business leader, entrepreneur and digital marketer. Over 35 years Paul has built a strong foundation in consumer goods and digital marketing for such brands as Trident Gum, Energizer Batteries, Ford, Lenscrafters, Labatt Breweries and Guardian Capital. He has founded 4 successful businesses, and helped 200+ startups over the past 19 years. He is a co-founder of Virtacore, a values-based organization of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs launch and grow successful enterprises. Paul is currently President and CEO of Colour, a digital marketing agency with offices in Toronto, New York and Halifax. In the past 2 years, Paul has lead client engagements with cannabis companies such as Aurora (licensed producer), Cori (retail) and Embark (extraction) covering brand development, go-to-market strategy and digital marketing.

Mike Farber

Director of LIFE Sciences

Utilizing his background in biochemistry, Michael Farber began his career in research and development doing polymer research for container-packaging company Consolidated Bathurst in Montreal. Farber has focused his attention primarily in the area of novel delivery systems for both nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. This work over the last two decades has led to his authoring over a hundred patents (both pending and approved). The main focus of this work has been to improve the bioavailability of compounds to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and convenience. The most important recent development is the patented direct-to-mouth desiccated liposomal delivery system. This proprietary, patented delivery system can be manufactured into high loading multilamellar liposomes that are desiccated onto either active or inactive substrates then placed into easy to use stick packs, thin film strips and compressible chewing gums. These robust liposomes simultaneously deliver both lipophilic and hydrophilic active molecules more effectively than traditional oral delivery using powders, drinks, capsules, tablets etc.

Sid Senroy


Mr. Senroy is a seasoned pharmaceutical executive with an MBA from Pepperdine University with expertise in helping companies pass compliance assessments, develop robust quality systems and prepare for U.S. Food and Drug Administration reviews and inspections. Over the past two decades, Mr. Senroy has successfully led several global Quality and Compliance business units as an executive or senior consultant, leading to the approval of key blockbuster drugs with cumulative sales exceeding $30 billion annually over the last 10 years. Mr. Senroy’s ability to form cross-functional alliances for improvement and growth, in addition to a sensitivity to cultural nuances, has helped him succeed on a global scale. He has worked extensively throughout North America, Europe, Asia and South America. Mr. Senroy works with the leadership team on pharmaceutical licensing strategy, facilitation of strategic introductions to key pharmaceutical partners and supports the development of the Company’s overall business development plan.

Kevin Puloski


Kevin is an entrepreneur and visionary. With over 26 years of executive experience, he has developed an astute ability to identify global market trends and partners with key people and organizations to ensure success in all his endeavors. Kevin currently spearheads genetic development as well as strategic land acquisitions in India and Uganda for the hemp and cannabis industry. He also maintains his position as president and CEO of Pund-IT; an IT business technology firm that is focused on helping to bring technology solutions to a wide variety of industries.
Most recently, the company has moved into the cannabis space giving Kevin the opportunity to combine two of his passions. Kevin’s love of collaboration and networking has led him to hold board positions in not-for-profit, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and digital media organizations. He is a founding member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) of South Western Ontario and continues to play an active role in the chapter.

Nancy Richardson, BA, BSc


Nancy Richardson is a veteran of the pharmaceutical and agency world, developed continuing medical education for physicians, pharmacists and nurses for over two decades. Together with her business partner, Nancy ran a successful multi-million-dollar medical communications agency for twelve years, bringing numerous drugs to market, overseeing accounts, generating sales and managing daily operations. She is an experienced pharmaceutical marketing strategist, facilitator and project manager, who conducted countless advisory boards across the globe. Nancy successfully sold her business in 2017, and is now acting as VP of Client Service for LWT Communications, a localization agency with offices in North America and Europe. Nancy currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Institute of Cultural Affairs Canada, an organization that brings leadership and facilitation expertise to communities in need all over the world. Nancy is also the Local Chapter Leader for the Monroe Institute in Toronto - an organization that delivers workshops and seminars on human consciousness.

John D. Clements, PHD


Dr. John Clements is Emeritus Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Tulane University School of Medicine. With over 35 years of experience in vaccine, immunology and infectious diseases research and development, Dr. Clements brings invaluable expertise and advisory capacity to help advance Mountain Valley MD’s ongoing Quicksome™ sublingual polio vaccine development activities. Dr. Clements’ distinguished scientific career has focused on developing and evaluating vaccines for a wide range of infectious diseases globally (including diarrheal diseases, Polio and HIV), including involvement in academia, research and development, governmental and vaccine advisory boards and professional journals. Dr. Clements has published more than 150 peer-reviewed papers, has 14 issued patents, and has been involved in numerous vaccine clinical trials. Dr. Clements has worked with leading vaccine focused organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the United States Military.

Leigh Hughes


Mr. Hughes brings over fifteen years of professional experience in integrated corporate and marketing communications and extensive experience in venture capital services and commercialization of private and public companies across the globe: North America, Australia, and the Asia Pacific Region. Mr. Hughes supports the Company’s work in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and pharmaceutical licensing.

Gokul Kannan


Mr. Kannan is a partner at Zephyr Venture Partners and a rising star in bioengineering & chemical engineering research. He earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of California, Berkeley in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Bioengineering. He has had 7 years of research experience at UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, and Gilead, working with doctors Sanjay Kumar, Richard Saykally, Takanori Takebe, and Sapna Kudchadkar, among others.

Mr. Kannan’s research thus far has focused on drug delivery, biomaterials, tissue engineering & regenerative medicine, and physical & medicinal chemistry/chemical engineering. Recently, his work has focused on studying using biomaterials and computational biology to study microglia, glioblastoma & cancer biology, and tissue engineering, with 8 publications in press or under review and multiple cover articles in prominent journals.

Mr. Kannan is an inventor on four pending patents including both therapeutic and device patents. His work has been featured in the New York Times, Science Magazine, The Economist, and more than 15 other major science news outlets. Mr. Kannan, at the young age of 21, has already received a number of major research awards from prominent societies including the American Academy of Neurology, and the Society for Biomaterials.

Mark Gelnaw


Mr. Gelnaw is an esteemed financial executive whose career spans more than 35 years in financial management, business leadership, and corporate strategy, including acting as CEO and CFO for Cynvec LLC, a research-based cancer entity that partnered with NYU in the development of a Sindbis virus for the treatment of ovarian and colon cancer.

Mr. Gelnaw’s past executive roles include Chief Operating Officer of Deutsche Bank, Chief Operating and Financial Officer at Lehman Brothers, senior roles at Salomon Brothers and Arthur Andersen, and founder of Breakwater Ventures which manages a diverse array of investments and strategies across many industry platforms, including Medical Devices, FinTech, Cancer Research and Development, Health and Wellness, Covid 19 Testing and Collection, Real Estate, and financial enterprises.

“I am extremely proud to welcome Gokul and Mark to our Advisory Board at Mountain Valley MD and look forward to their immediate contributions at this critical growth phase of our company,” commented Dennis Hancock, President and CEO of Mountain Valley MD. “The collective knowledge and deep experience brought to our team from our new advisors will be invaluable as we advance our key oncology and technology projects, as well as contributing to our overall business maturation in the biotech space.”

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Richa Mandalay

Director of Analytical Sciences

Director of Analytical Sciences at MVMD! Richa supports the development of innovative technologies like Quicksome™ and Quicksol™, a stream of tech designed to maximize the efficacy of existing drugs and vaccines

Azhar Rana, MD


Azhar Rana, MD, is the President of Integrated Medhealth Communication (IMC) North America and is a trained general medicine practitioner with a clinical background and has held a number of senior medical positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novo Nordisk and most recently at AstraZeneca.

Jeffrey Dignard


Jeff has served as a strategic advisor in the development of the medicinal cannabis market for over 12 years and is recognized globally as a leading financial and cultivation expert across the industry. A seasoned entrepreneur, Jeff’s knowledge and expertise is steeped in 20 years of hands-on executive experience in diverse and dynamic markets including the restaurant and entertainment industries, advertising, global sales and financial investment profiles. A big-picture thinker, Jeff leverages his global connections to rapidly identify and advance business opportunities. His keen sense of vision are anchored in practical strategies focused on execution and financial success.

Evan Clifford


Evan Clifford has over 18 years of extensive experience in entrepreneurial start-ups both in the private and public sector. Evan has earned a platinum record as the manager of one of Canada’s most successful pop music artists, played a leading role in building one of the world’s foremost electric car companies, and branched into the restaurant business as founder of the world’s first 100% sustainable Ocean Wise certified sushi restaurant. In 2015, Evan played a primary role in the introduction of the sustainable consumer water brand Boxed Water, into the Canadian market, and was a speaker at the world renowned IdeaCity Conference. In 2016, Evan orchestrated the IPO of Organic Garage (TSX-V:OG), successfully raising over $5 million for the company, and in 2018 co-founded Flower One Holdings Inc. (CSE:FONE), which raised over $80 million and owns assets in the cannabis sector including the largest licensed greenhouse in the state of Nevada.

Richard Sharp


For over 20 years, Richard has been providing strategic consulting and technical services to organizations in the broadcast; government; digital technology; and, health and wellness industries. Former clients include: KPMG, MTV, Obama Campaign, and Price Waterhouse Coopers. Richard has more recently co- founded several companies in the health and wellness space. As a result he has developed a deep knowledge of the nutritional supplement supply-chain including: product formulation; manufacturing; delivery formats; regulation; marketing; and, retail. Richard is passionate about the potential for new technologies to positively transform human well-being.

Michel Rondeau, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Advisor

Dr. Rondeau has extensive experience in veterinary research having worked with numerous pharmaceutical companies in animal drug field trials and is credited with co-inventing a global award winning sprayable vaccination device that was acquired by Rhone Poulenc. Dr. Rondeau has completed an extensive range of research and development projects across a diverse range of husbandry animals including porcine industrial medicine across preventative and curative medicine, nutrition and animal health products and automated feed systems.

Dr. Azhar Rana

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Rana has gained experience in the development, launch, and life cycle management of novel therapeutics, leading and collaborating with teams in clinical operations and development, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, quality, and pharmacovigilance.

Dr. Rana established the North American organization for integrated medhealth communications (imc Group), a globally recognized medical communications agency supporting pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. As President & Managing Director, Dr. Rana led an extensive cross-functional medical marketing team, working with global companies and healthcare professionals at different stages of drug and device development. He brings a wealth of experience in a number of disease areas, including virology, oncology, inflammation and metabolic disease.

Dr. Rana completed his medical degree at the Aga Khan University and subsequently trained in internal medicine in the United Kingdom.

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