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Message: chinese to visit casino property

chinese to visit casino property

posted on Aug 13, 2009 11:52AM

western copper is up another 25% today, and it looks like this may be the reason. a chinese delegation is going to tour the company's casino property. given that the chinese have been accumulating copper, and they are making acquisitions, there may be speculation about buying casino, or perphaps the entire company:

The Chinese delegation was briefed on Thursday about the Yukon's mining regulations and practices, as well as the territory's environmental and socio-economic assessment process for development proposals.

On Friday, the group will split up to tour Yukon mining companies. One group will go to Selwyn Resources Ltd.'s zinc-lead-silver deposit at Howards Pass, on the Yukon-N.W.T. border, while the other group will visit Western Copper Corp.'s Casino property northwest of Whitehorse.

Kenyon said the delegation's Yukon tour is evidence of how interested China is in mining in the territory. The country may eventually spend hundreds of millions of dollars bringing Yukon mines into production, he said.


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