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Message: Nevada Exploration begins phase I drilling at Awakening - Nevada 2008-08-18

Nevada Exploration begins phase I drilling at Awakening - Nevada 2008-08-18

posted on Feb 09, 2009 03:52AM

Nevada Exploration begins phase I drilling at Awakening


Nevada Exploration Inc. has completed phase I drilling at its Bull Creek gold project.

Drilling at Bull Creek included 17 wide-spaced holes; visual results suggest significant oxidation and alteration; assays are pending.

The company has also begun phase I drilling at its Awakening gold project.

Drilling at Awakening will be directed at the targets identified by Nevada Exploration's proprietary water chemistry exploration technology combined with soil chemistry, gravity geophysics and airborne magnetic geophysics.

"We continue to aggressively advance our drilling program, taking advantage of our access to two drill rigs," said Wade Hodges, president and chief executive officer of Nevada Exploration. "While waiting on drill assay results from two properties we are able to continue to drill our other prospective properties all reporting unusually high concentrations of gold in groundwater."

Bull Creek drilling

Reverse circulation (RC) drilling at Bull Creek started on June 4, 2008. Nevada Exploration drilled 17 widely spaced holes across the project; distances between holes ranged from 300 metres (m) to 1.6 kilometres (km) (one-fifth to one mile). Bedrock proved to be shallow -- less than 70 m (200 feet) over much of the property. Visual results included significant thicknesses of oxidized, altered siltstone, shale and volcanic rock, with significant clay alteration, silica veining and silicification over significant areas. Assays for all holes are pending and Nevada Exploration expects to report assay results in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Awakening drilling

Nevada Exploration's Awakening project is located approximately 53 km (33 miles) north-northwest of Winnemucca, Nev., and five km (three miles) north of the Sleeper gold mine. Elevated gold and trace elements were identified in the groundwater at Awakening during a reconnaissance groundwater chemistry sampling program and Nevada Exploration established a land position consisting of 271 claims (13.5 square km, 8.5 square miles) covering the target.

Nevada Exploration has used its hydroprobe equipment to complete a detailed water chemistry survey to accurately model the project's hydrogeochemistry. Nevada Exploration extended sample coverage well beyond the edges of the project to define the boundaries of the area of unusual water chemistry and to provide information about normal, background water chemistry. The results of the detailed water survey have increased both the magnitude and the extent of the area of higher-than-normal water chemistry, and have confirmed that the Awakening target is large enough to potentially contain an economic resource.

Nevada Exploration has completed a detailed gravity geophysics survey of the property to estimate the depth to bedrock, identify possible fault offsets, differentiate changing rock types and establish likely water flow patterns. The gravity survey successfully identified significant areas where bedrock is believed to be close to the surface, as well as areas of high relief suggestive of major, block faulting.

To complement the gravity data and further examine the relative changes in the target area's covered rock types, Nevada Exploration completed an airborne magnetic geophysics survey across the project. The magnetic data show a pronounced geologic fabric suggesting varied rock types, covered fault zones and possible alteration, lying beneath a thin veneer of sand and gravel.

In order to prioritize the geophysical targets identified by the combined gravity and magnetic datasets, and to confirm the presence of gold in a medium other than groundwater, Nevada Exploration also completed a soil geochemistry program across the property. The soils program identified several areas with elevated gold and trace metals coincident with, and adjacent to, the higher-than-normal gold in groundwater, further suggesting the presence of nearby gold mineralization.

Nevada Exploration reports that the combined Awakening exploration dataset suggests a major structural fabric coincident with higher-than-normal gold, both in groundwater and in soils. To test the high-priority targets, Nevada Exploration has permitted and bonded 30 drill sites. Nevada Exploration expects the phase I program to consist of 10 to 20 RC drill holes, ranging in depth from 75 m to 300 m (250 feet to 1,000 feet). Nevada Exploration has two RC drill rigs under contract with current drill costs averaging less than $40.00 per foot, whereas the industry average is approximately $65.00 per foot.

Other matters

Jean-Francois Pelland, director of Nevada Exploration, and partner of the law firm McMillan LLP., has been appointed as corporate secretary of Nevada Exploration replacing David Carbonaro, who will continue to act as a legal, strategic and financial adviser to Nevada Exploration.

Mr. Hodges is the qualified person, as defined in National Instrument 43-101, and is responsible for the preparation of the technical and scientific information contained in this news release.


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