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Brian D. Fairbank, B.A.Sc., P. Eng.,

President and Chief Executive Officer, Director

Mr. Fairbank is a geological engineer and Canada's foremost geothermal expert, with 30 years of geothermal engineering, exploration and resource assessment, business management and project finance experience. He founded Fairbank Engineering Ltd. in 1986, specializing in international project development. He was project manager through the discovery of Canada's Meager Creek Geothermal Area (1978-1982), then operated by BC Hydro and Power Authority. He assisted in the development of a National Power Plan for Kenya, East Africa and subsequently consulted on a production drilling program which developed 60MW of steam reserves to augment 45 MW of existing generating capacity at the Olkaria Power Station, Kenya. Mr. Fairbank is a long- standing member of the Geothermal Resource association and a Past President of the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association.

Domenic Falcone, CPA


Mr. Falcone was a founder, of Geothermal Resource International Inc. (GRI, 1971 to 1987) a power developer in California which played a significant role in building a viable U.S. geothermal industry. Mr. Falcone in the position of Senior Vice President - Finance with GRI has an extensive background in geothermal project finance, acquisitions and business development, and a broad knowledge of the independent power and energy industries.

As president and principal of Domenic J. Falcone Associates Inc. from 1991 to 1997, he provided project financing and financial services to the independent power, co-generation, solid waste and wastewater industries; he participated in arranging financing for resource and power development projects in excess of $200 million.

He was Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of PG & E Energy Services during the start up period and President of Creston Financial Group (91-97). Mr. Falcone is currently an independent financial consultant. Mr. Falcone received the Joseph W. Aidlin Award in 1991 from the Geothermal Resource Council recognizing his outstanding contribution to the development of geothermal resources. Mr. Falcone is a long-standing member of the Geothermal Resource Council.

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