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Message: Aderat Intersections.

Just in case no one noticed the values of the two highlighted veins at Aderat.

Aderat veins value per ton in US$s:
Using Kitco calculator @ Cu =3.26/lb, Zn= 1.04/lb, Au= 1323/oz, Ag= 21.16/oz. on July 8.

Hole MX-011: 1.38% Cu, 7.82% Zn, 1.12 g/t Au, 25.6 g/t Ag over 10.25 meters
That is Cu=27.6lb, ZN=156lb, Au= 0.037oz, Ag=0.85oz
PMs =$68/tonne, BaseM= $252/tonne, Total =$320/tonne

Hole MX-012: 1.13% Cu, 11.15% Zn, 0.52 g/t Au, 18.8 g/t Ag over 9.00 meters
Cu=22.6lb, Zn=223lb, Au=0.017oz, Ag=.63oz
PMs= $35.83/tonne, BaseM= $305.60 /tonne, Total= $341.42/tonne

Even if the cost of operations in getting the metals were to be 100$s per ton, the
above means good profits potential.

Worth considering are they not particularly when the veins are about 10 meters in

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