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Message: New Age Metals Announces Results of Winter Drilling Program at the Winnipeg River-Cat Lake Lithium Claims, Southern Manitoba

New Age Metals Announces Results of Winter Drilling Program at the Winnipeg River-Cat Lake Lithium Claims, Southern Manitoba

posted on Jun 11, 2024 08:45AM

New Age Metals Unveils Promising Winter Drilling Results, Signifying Strong Potential in Manitoba's Lithium Sector




An Emerging Force in the Lithium Industry

In a significant development for the lithium mining sector, New Age Metals Inc. (NAM) has announced encouraging results from its 2024 winter drilling program at the Winnipeg River-Cat Lake Lithium project in southern Manitoba. The exploration, conducted in partnership with Mineral Resources Ltd., marks a notable step forward for NAM as it seeks to solidify its position as a key player in the global lithium market.


The company's latest findings, which include the discovery of new lithium-bearing pegmatites, underscore the high potential of its properties and promise to meet the growing demand for lithium, an essential component in electric vehicle batteries and renewable energy storage solutions.


Background and Context: New Age Metals’ Strategic Mission

New Age Metals, a junior mineral exploration company, has steadily built a reputation for its focused efforts on green metal projects in North America. The company operates through two primary divisions: a Platinum Group Element division and a Lithium/Rare Element division. The latter, which is the focus of the recent press release, positions NAM as one of the largest claim holders in the Winnipeg River Pegmatite Field.


The company's mission to explore and develop its lithium projects is bolstered by a strategic partnership with Mineral Resources Ltd., a leading global lithium producer. This collaboration has provided the necessary resources and expertise to advance NAM's ambitious exploration programs.


Key Highlights and Advantages of the Winter Drilling Program

The winter drilling campaign, which began on January 2, 2024, included 56 diamond drill holes totaling 12,686 meters across three properties: Lithium Two, Bird River Lithium, and Lithman East. Despite challenges such as insufficient ice thickness hindering operations at the Lithman West property, the program yielded substantial findings:


- Lithman East Property: Out of 26 drill holes, 22 intersected pegmatites with an average cumulative length of 31.13 meters per hole. Notably, two drill holes reported lithium oxide (Li2O) concentrations exceeding 1%, with additional geochemical anomalies indicating significant potential for lithium, cesium, tantalum, and tin mineralization.


- Lithium Two Property: Highlighted by an 18-meter intersection averaging 0.63% Li2O, including a remarkable 1.5-meter section at 2.47% Li2O. This property also revealed tantalum-rich sections, adding to its overall mineral potential.


- Bird River Lithium Property: Drilling here revealed consistent lithium presence, with one hole reporting 0.28% Li2O over 4.8 meters, including a peak of 0.51% Li2O within a shorter section.


These results not only validate NAM's exploration methodologies but also reinforce its commitment to becoming a significant supplier in the lithium market.


Potential Impact and Significance

The outcomes of the winter drilling program hold several implications for New Age Metals and the broader lithium industry:


1. Enhanced Resource Base: The identification of high-grade lithium mineralization, especially at previously unexplored depths, suggests a substantial increase in NAM's resource base. This discovery is crucial for the company's future development plans and could attract further investment and partnerships.


2. Market Positioning: By demonstrating its ability to uncover valuable lithium deposits, NAM strengthens its position in the competitive lithium market. This could lead to more favorable terms in its partnership with Mineral Resources Ltd. and potential new collaborations with other industry players.


3. Industry Impact: The successful exploration in Manitoba contributes to the diversification and expansion of North America's lithium supply. This is particularly important as the demand for lithium continues to surge, driven by the global shift towards electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions.


4. Economic and Environmental Benefits: The development of these lithium projects could bring significant economic benefits to the region, including job creation and increased economic activity. Additionally, advancing these projects supports the broader goal of reducing carbon emissions by enabling more sustainable energy storage solutions.


Looking Ahead

New Age Metals is poised to build on these promising results with an upcoming summer exploration program aimed at further delineating the extent of the lithium mineralization. As the company continues to analyze the drilling data, it remains focused on its strategic objective of advancing its projects through partnerships and towards production.


Investors and stakeholders will be closely monitoring NAM's progress, as the company leverages its recent successes to drive future growth and contribute to the burgeoning lithium market. With a robust exploration strategy and a commitment to meeting global demand, New Age Metals stands at the forefront of an industry pivotal to the world's energy transition.

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