New Guinea Gold is the next big gold producer

New Gold Producer in Papua New Guinea with approx 1 million ozs in gold equivilant resources, and targets exceeding 5 millions ozs

Message: New Guinea Gold 5,454,545 bonus shares

New Guinea Gold 5,454,545 bonus shares
Ticker Symbol: C:NGG

New Guinea Gold Corp (C:NGG)
Shares Issued 201,702,897
Last Close 4/29/2010 $0.11
Thursday April 29 2010 - Miscellaneous

The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing the company's proposal to issue 5,454,545 bonus shares to in consideration of a bridge loan of $3-million. The loan has a 12-month term and bears interest at a rate of 8 per cent per year, payable monthly. After maturity, the interest will be payable at a rate of 18 per cent per year compounded monthly and payable monthly.

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