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Message: NXHD Nexia Holdings New... what gives?

NXHD Nexia Holdings New... what gives?

posted on Mar 16, 2009 01:58PM

A quick check will show you holdings are not that many. Two salons bringing revenue, a clothing line that does not, and a few real estate properties.

Nexia has gone through multiple reverse splits, these past two years so a cautious approach is required.

Today, NXHD opened at .0002, something we had not seen in quite a while but it was short lived and traded at .0001 most of the day, ending with a single trade under .0001 at closing. That makes it tough to think it could start gaining. It does look like Nexia is trying a little more than in the past.

Best is for you to review these past press releases to give you an idea. Personally, I do have a few shares but I did not mortgage the home on this one. If you invest, be prepared to lose it all...


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