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Message: NXHD P & D?


posted on Jul 13, 2009 06:56PM

If you look at a few boards (Raging Bull, Investor Hub, for example,) you'll notice the same 3 or 4 posters saing basically nothing but repeating that a breakout above .0002 is imminent. Well, it has been imminent for over a month, now. Not only that, but the Friday interview on MoneyTV did not seem to have any effect, today. On the contrary, way more shares traded at .0001 than at .0002.

In my opinion, the stage is set for another of those reverse split for which Nexia is well known for.

Watch and stay on the sidelines.


BTW, the MoneyTV thing cost at least $11,900, from what I heard. Was it money well spent? I tried to get to the interview but my poor internet knowledge got me running in circle.

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