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Message: NHA News Release /results of Total Organic Carbon eyc.

NHA News Release /results of Total Organic Carbon eyc.

posted on Apr 22, 2009 12:37PM
April 22, 2009
Noble Metal Group Incorporated-NHA News Release
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 22, 2009) - Noble Metal Group Incorporated (TSX VENTURE:NMG) -

Noble Hydrocarbons Alta Ltd. ("NHA")

The Company is pleased to announce that it has received from Weatherford Laboratories of Texas, the results of Total Organic Carbon, Rock Eval and modified Fischer Assay testing on samples from eight of the nine holes drilled in 2008 on its Hudson Bay Oils Shale Exploration Permit lands.

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) determines the amount of organic carbon contained in a host rock and is measured as a weight percent (wt %). As a general rule oil shales with TOC's less than 0.5 wt % are designated Poor; those with a wt % between 0.5 to 1.0 are considered Fair; from 1.0 - 2.0 wt % are classified as Good; from 2.0 - 4.5 wt % as Very Good and above 4.5 wt % as Excellent. Using this classification, the average TOC results for two of the drill holes are considered Very Good and for the remaining six drill holes are considered Excellent.

Modified Fischer Assay (mFA) tests extract hydrocarbons from rock using pyrolysis by heating the rock slowly to 500 degrees celsius in the absence of oxygen in a special retort chamber. The distilled vapours of oil, gas and water are collected and condensed. The condensate is then separated into the hydrocarbon (oil) and water fractions using centrifugation. The method does not normally indicate the maximum amount of oil in a rock but is considered a good screening method to determine potential oil yield. Weatherford Laboratories performed mFA tests on all samples with TOC results above 10.0 wt %.

The results of the testing are reported in the following table:

                                                #                    highest
                                             Samp- Average  Highest     TOCs
       Depth Oil Shale     Oil shale          les      TOC      TOC  (US gal
Hole   start and end in    Intersection       tes- results   result  of oil/
No.    meters              in meters          ted    (wt.%)   (wt.%)    ton)
NHA-6  18.3 m (60.0 ft)-   41.4 m (135.9 ft)   14     6.61    17.68    15.64
       59.7 m (195.9 ft)
NHA-7  15.8 m (51.8 ft)-   62.5 m (205.1 ft)   18     6.10    11.35    11.68
       78.3 m (256.9 ft)
NHA-8  24.4 m (80.1 ft)-   35.0 m (114.8 ft)   11     3.46     8.39
       59.4 m (194.9 ft)
NHA-9  9.1 m (29.9 ft)-    20.5 m (67.2 ft)     7     7.73    10.37    11.41
       29.6 m (97.1 ft)
NHA-10 32.6 m (107.0 ft)-  30.5 m (100.0 ft)    9     8.08    11.19    10.97
       63.1 m (207.0 ft)
NHA-11 12.2 m (40.0 ft)-   53.3 m (174.9 ft)   18     3.70    11.44    13.16
       65.5 m (214.9 ft)
NHA-12 30.2 m (99.1 ft)-   30.5 m (100.1 ft)    9     8.47    12.12    13.18
       60.7 m (199.2 ft)
NHA-13 21.0 m (68.9 ft)-   68.6 m (216.2 ft)   14     5.43     9.53
       89.6 m (285.1 ft)
An estimate on potential oil reserves has not been prepared. Under National Instrument 51-101 such an estimate can only be carried out by a qualified reserves evaluator.

The initial 9 holes drilled illustrated that the oil shale formation in the Hudson Bay Oils Shale Exploration permit area is relatively shallow and extends at least 18 kms (11 miles) in a north-south direction and 9.8 kms (6.0 miles) in an east-west direction. NHA's Hudson Bay Permit area comprises 37,980 hectares (93,851 acres) spread over five townships lying under both private and Crown lands.

The company is pleased with the results obtained to date from the 2008 program and is looking forward to further delineating the deposit in 2009.



JJ McIntyre, President

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