NI 43-101 Update (September 2012): 11.1 Mt @ 1.68% Ni, 0.87% Cu, 0.89 gpt Pt and 3.09 gpt Pd and 0.18 gpt Au (Proven & Probable Reserves) / 8.9 Mt @ 1.10% Ni, 1.14% Cu, 1.16 gpt Pt and 3.49 gpt Pd and 0.30 gpt Au (Inferred Resource)


BREAKING:Monarques Gold Confirms Pit Constrained Resource on its Mckenzie Break

  • The mineral resource estimate for McKenzie Break was prepared for two scenarios:
    • Scenario 1: A pit constrained Indicated resource of 48,133 ounces and Inferred resource of 14,897 ounces, and an underground Indicated resource of 53,448 ounces and Inferred resource of 49,130 ounces, for a total of 165,608 ounces of gold.
    • Scenario 2: An underground Indicated resource of 85,059 ounces and Inferred resource of 58,373 ounces, for a total of 143,432 ounces of gold.
  • Monarques Gold now has a combined measured and indicated resource of more than 3 million ounces of gold

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Message: .315

I'm looking at the current price right now and can't help but shake my head.

When you look at the level of consolidation of ROF properties and the other milestones over the years......you marvel at  the "skill" of the club members to keep the price at this level.

The price of .315...rang a bell in my head today...


"Based on the closing price of Noront's common shares on November 27, 2009, of $2.25, the implied Offer price represents a premium of approximately 173% over Freewest's closing price of $0.315 as at October 2, 2009 (the day prior to the announcement of Noront's original Offer). - Based on the number of fully diluted Freewest common shares, as publicly disclosed, Noront will issue under the Offer approximately 73.7 million common shares and 36.8 million warrants"

 "In Canada, N.M. Rothschild & Sons Canada Limited and Dundee Securities Corporation will act as dealer managers for the Offer and in the United States, Rothschild Inc. will act as dealer manager."


"Mr. Hanson adds: "Noront will focus on completing the necessary exploration on Freewest's chromite deposits, adding that information to Noront's already outstanding resource at the Blackbird deposit.

This will result in a larger, more valuable chromite resource that would attract the attention of global companies that are actively developing and mining chromite and producing ferrochrome. "



The link below shows info based on 2016.

South Africa produced 14,000 MT of chromium in 2016, beating out the rest of the world’s chromium producers by a wide margin. Its output was the same as it was in 2015.

Interestingly, South Africa used to be the world’s largest producer of ferrochrome as well as the top chromium producer; however, it lost that title in 2012 to China.

The US Geological Survey states that part of the reason China was able to beat out South Africa is that ferrochrome production requires a lot of energy — that’s a problem in South Africa, where supply of electrical power can be constrained.



There is no reason why Ontario could not beat South Africa as the largest chromite and ferrochrome producer...I'm sure the Rothschilds know that.

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