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Message: east west road?

 Please take another look at these links from last August.



The news of late has us so focused on Marten Falls and the North south road and the phase1 & 2 timelines...I'm sure it has upset some stomachs thinking about this extended timeline.

but, did you notice something....

Not one mention of the EAST WEST road at all...lately. And yet the province agreed to TWO ROADS.

I suggest going  back to the link above and looking very carefully at the EAST WEST road(S).

First the pink road.

It was purposefully created to gain a NO vote in my opinion.

Imagine you are webequie. 

Your reserve would get ALL the traffic making it's way to the ROF mine back and forth.

Why on earth would you want that? 

What makes sense is to have the same deal as Nibinamik. Notice an extension not a direct pink route into their reserve.

Now look at the black dashed road on the map.

Now that road makes sense. AND is is called the ROUTE previously identified by industry the Noront road that is in their EA.

And Webequie has applied for an EA from their reserve to the ROF.

So why so quiet about this East west road?? Go back to the links again and notice this section:

"Marten Falls was geographically off the path to be included in a $785,000 federally and provincially-back study in 2015 to decide on the routing for a shared east-west community and industrial road.

An east-west road, that basically followed the established winter road network, was considered a cheaper alternative to reach the Ring of Fire than a north-south corridor, which would have to cross major river systems.

Two of the communities on the east-west side now contend Wynne's plan is only for an access route to their settlements, not the Ring of Fire."

When you look at the province's pink route..it most definitely ruffled feathers because it allowed all rof traffic to go through Webequie's reserve. Judging by the sentence "wynne's plan is only for an access route to THEIR settlements", almost hints to me the Wynne gov't wanted to do a connect the  reserve dots road rather than keep with this original supply road and create extensions out.

The webequie pink connection certainly spelled this out. All ROF traffic bank and forth running though their reserve in accordance with the pink route rather than the Noront EA route with a connection off the supply road.

other thinks to remember from the links:

"In assessing the road proposals, Coutts indicated an east-west road would be ideal for trucking out high-grade nickel concentrate from Eagle’s Nest – a modest project with a 20-year mine life – and also serve as a haul road for its next-in-line Blackbird chromite deposit, Noront’s entry into the North American stainless steel market.

If we’re talking about large-scale chromite production then we’re thinking about north-south infrastructure,” said Coutts."

So there you go folks. An east west road would provide the needed chromite to a customer like Essar steel algoma for instance.

The north south road is for the larger scale chromite when you have your Smelter in action.

so, again, I am curious about why have we not heard a single peep about this second road..the EAST WEST ROAD.

Where is the timeline on that road? Once Noront gets an approved EA on a very overdue

timeline...we will have our answer.




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