NI 43-101 Update (September 2012): 11.1 Mt @ 1.68% Ni, 0.87% Cu, 0.89 gpt Pt and 3.09 gpt Pd and 0.18 gpt Au (Proven & Probable Reserves) / 8.9 Mt @ 1.10% Ni, 1.14% Cu, 1.16 gpt Pt and 3.49 gpt Pd and 0.30 gpt Au (Inferred Resource)



Awakn Life Sciences to Commence Trading on the NEO Exchange Under the Symbol 'AWKN'

  • Strategic focus on developing and delivering psychedelic medicines to treat Addiction.
  • Strong psychedelic drug development pipeline targeting Addiction.
  • First mover advantage for clinics in the UK and the EU with 400m people and CAD$25TR GDP.
  • The leading research and clinical team in the industry focused on using psychedelics to treat Addiction.
  • Multiple scalable revenue streams across drug development and clinical delivery.

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Message: World needs copper,we have it.

To me the dominoes are aligned for this project now, i.e. reconciliation with First Nations and huge demand for critical minerals, copper to wire up EVs. UK is banning sale of gas/diesel cars in 2030. Ford and GM have announced they’re eliminating light-duty gas/diesel by 2035. BMW, Volvo, Jaguar have made similar targets. An electric powered edition of the most popular pickup truck of all time the Ford F-150 is being launched next week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iS5f716oYQ

A huge market is developing for the minerals in Eagle’s Nest, 2030 is still a few years away. We’ve gotta wait until next summer for the EA on the Northern Link to be submitted. After that the wheeling and dealing on mining permits. And as you said, a Glencore scale miner comes along and makes an offer to NOT shareholders. I for one would be happy to swap my NOT for Glencore stock. A Glencore type could get a mine up and running faster than Noront management.

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