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Recently announced significant increase in estimated resources

Message: Nice gap-up today, at about 2pm NGC SP has gained 13.4% to $3.04 @1.36M shares

Antlizzie, welcome to the board. Yup, it's kindda lonely by myself here. But at least, now we have two posters. I used to post at SH, but it's getting rough (insults and personal attacks), so I withdrew, but still keep an eye on several graphite boards. I used to have a decent position in another company, but I felt uneasy due to some un-usual practice and exotic stuff that they are doing. So, I changed horses and so far so good.

The juniors we are investing in are juniors, i.e. small potatoes compared to biggies like IBM, Samsung, MIT who has $B to do exotic research. I would be happy to stick with some "low tech companies" whose goal is to dig up the stuff, process it a bit and sell for some reasonable amount of profit. A 5 bagger would be fine with me, 10 is better, but I would not dream of something like a 40 bagger (too rich for me).

In my opinion, the intention of the posts on the BB is for exchanging of ideas and pooling of relevant information, just like a Sunday investment club with some close friends. Some posters are quite talented I found, but others are there just to insult people.

Anyway, welcome aboard and keep on posting, at least to keep me company!

Perhaps, we should contact management as well for some information that would be useful to fellow investors. This is free advertisement for the company. But we want factual stuff, not hype.

Feel free to inbox me if there is something you would rather discuss in private.


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