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Awakn Life Sciences to Commence Trading on the NEO Exchange Under the Symbol 'AWKN'

  • Strategic focus on developing and delivering psychedelic medicines to treat Addiction.
  • Strong psychedelic drug development pipeline targeting Addiction.
  • First mover advantage for clinics in the UK and the EU with 400m people and CAD$25TR GDP.
  • The leading research and clinical team in the industry focused on using psychedelics to treat Addiction.
  • Multiple scalable revenue streams across drug development and clinical delivery.

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Message: The Roundup - Novamind (NM: CSE) (NVMDF: OTC)

A weekly summary of Novamind news and media


FEATURES May 7, 2021

Novamind Expands Footprint of Psychedelic Clinics

Our CEO Yaron Conforti and CMO Reid Robison discuss the news of our clinic expansion and how this further develops our model for scaling across the U.S.

FEATURES May 5, 2021

Pierre Bou-Mansour Discusses the Initial Phase of Novamind’s National Expansion Strategy

Our Chief Operating Officer speaks with the Wall Street Reporter about our clinic expansion, the key drivers of our growth, and the importance of set and setting in our clinics.


A Psychedelic Drug Passes Big Test for PTSD Treatment

In a soon-to-be-published study, MDMA and therapy are showing promising results in the treatment of PTSD, with over 67 percent of participants no longer qualifying for a diagnosis two months after treatment.


Why Psychedelics, Big in the 1960s, Are Drawing New Interest Now

Long misunderstood, psychedelics are back in the spotlight as more and more research is being done on the efficacy and positive mental health benefits they hold.


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