A fast-growing network of psychiatry clinics and research sites

Novamind Inc. Profile


Novamind is a leading mental health company enabling safe access to psychedelic medicine through a network of clinics and clinical research sites. Novamind provides ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and other novel treatments through its network of integrative mental health clinics and operates a full-service contract research organization specialized in clinical trials and evidence-based research for psychedelic medicine. For more information on how Novamind is enhancing mental wellness and guiding people through their entire healing journey, visit novamind.ca

Clinic Division


  • Expanding nationally in anticipation of the FDA approving MDMA & psilocybin psychotherapy
  • Operating the infrastructure required to commercialize & scale psychedelic medicine
  • 7 clinics open, 3 coming soon
  • Facilitated over 20,000 clinic visits in 2020, +100% year-over-year
  • Industry-leading revenue, $6,069,247 in FY2021
  • Multistate expansion underway, additional locations will be announced in 2022, driven by organic growth and strategic acquisitions
  • Over 7,000 ketamine-assisted therapy sessions delivered since 2016
  • Other services include Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), cognitive behavioural therapy, medication management and diagnostic evaluations


Research Division


  • Expertise in pediatric and adult phase I-IV clinical trials across a wide range of mental health conditions 
  • Operating 3 clinical research sites
  • Two DEA Schedule 1 licenses for psilocybin research 
  • Successful recruitment of study participants via research sites co-located with clinics
  • Hosted a pivotal ketamine study that led to the FDA-approval of Spravato by Janssen Pharmaceuticals
  • Currently contracted for 8 clinical trials including:

o   Merck & Co.’s phase II clinical trial of MK-1942 for treatment resistant depression

o   Karuna’s phase III clinical trial of KarXT for schizophrenia

o   Bionomics’ phase II clinical trial of BNC210 for PTSD 

To learn more about Novamind, please visit www.novamind.ca/ir

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