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Message: Voluntary Assignment of the Assets of Magnum Pharmaceutics

Sorry for your loss Observer , i sure understand why you won't get back in here , i had the same reaction concerning some stocks i've been into .

I've been following EKO more closely since you brought my attention to it , i'm thinking about getting back in , but i'll wait until it builds some base at this level or lower .

The market is totaly insensitive and the summer is favoring traders , but i believe wrong or right that it's a good time to buy some depressed stock prior to some more action by the end of the summer .

I have EKO on my list now and will follow it daily waiting to grab the right time to buy but first i want to see it hold it's ground for some time .

I've taken note that several penny stock have underperform some index we can relate them to , yet some still have large volumes of shares that were bought at low prices in the prior months wich means if the price go up they can be unleashed very quickly if the volumes are good .

Some others are trading in a tight price range giving people who holds large volumes the advantage of directing the price while taking advantage of small rise to take profits and bring the price back down where they buy it back .

It's a dirty game .

Prudence is of the order .

Good luck

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