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Message: NVLX medical?

Despite new direction and high recommendations, NVLX remains around the .06 level. Admittedly better but a far cry from expected gains.

Take a look at recent publications like the KonLin letter : "...Kuhn provides a detailed review of the positioning and advantages Nuvilex now enjoys through the acquisition of a late stage revolutionary pancreatic cancer treatment and the acquisition of SG Austria, the world’s leading, next-generation live-cell encapsulation company that has a presence in the $22 billion stem cell arena. ..." It also projects a $1.00 to $2.00 target price...

The Green Baron (related?) has posted NVLX as the buy of the year with many updates in the past 40 days and similar comments.

I'm out of this one too but will keep a close watch anyway. The advantage of being retired!


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