Video Ecommerce In China Is Estimated At $425 BILLION in 2022

OOOOO Provides Infrastructure, Technology and People To Power The Live Stream Economy

Message: VIDEO - OOOOO Software Development Kit Targeting $425B Video Commerce Market

To understand OOOOO Entertainment Commerce $OOOO you first understand the following about Live Video Commerce:


In Oct 2021 China's Austin Li (AKA ‘Lipstick Brother’) sold $1.7bn of beauty products. Not for the year, the quarter, the month or even the day … in a 12 hour live video commerce show!

It is exploding in China as a $300 BILLION market in 2021 and is expected to blow up to $425 BILLION in 2022.


Enter $OOOO who is bringing live video commerce to the west by providing the infrastructure, technology and people to power the live stream economy through the OOOOO App.  More than just talk $OOOO is already a leader with global leading retailers such as QVC and JD Sports. 




$OOOO is now using the same technology for  to enable sports teams and athletes to connect, engage and sell merch, NFTs and other pretty amazing experiences … and the are off to a screaming start.


Fanz is targeting the global community of football fans. It is estimated that there are 3.5 billion soccer fans, making it the most popular sport in the world. 

  • Offers teams and athletes an interactive video commerce solution, to provide intimate experiences that connect to fans through shoppable videos.
  • Legendary commentator John Motson launching 10,000 Unique NFTs on 
    • Primary issuance on site, further 5 ETH of secondary trading on platforms including Opens and Rarible
  • D10S NFT collection, to celebrate the life of the Maradona. 
    • Further NFT drops on the platform include Italian goalkeeper Gigi Buffon
    • Plans to launch approximately 50 NFTs in 2022
  • Signed contract with 20SHOTS
    • Free to play fantasy football game called Fanz Fantasy5
  • Collaboration agreement with KuCoin to support Football in Web 3.0

But wait, there’s more. 


The OOOOO Web SDK is an extension of the existing video commerce platform and has been designed to serve three types of users: 

  • commerce companies ("sellers"), 
  • creators 
  • shoppers

What makes the platform unique?


It allows sellers to list products for sale via the OOOOO portal and link these to their existing commerce site, and create live shows using Open Broadcaster Software or a native app. 


Using the OOOOO web portal, the sellers can grant permission for third party creators (influencers, models, experts, etc.) to make live shows using a creator app, selling the products of the sellers. 


If you’re a small cap investor that loves disruptive technology, especially WEB3 and NFTs, then you have to watch this incredible interview with $OOOO CEO Sam Jones !!


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