Video Ecommerce In China Is Estimated At $425 BILLION in 2022

OOOOO Provides Infrastructure, Technology and People To Power The Live Stream Economy

Message: VIDEO – $OOOO Adds Retail Giant To Accelerate China’s $420 Billion Live Video Commerce Success Into Western Markets

VIDEO – $OOOO Adds Retail Giant To Accelerate China’s $420 Billion Live Video Commerce Success Into Western Markets

posted on Sep 21, 2022 05:49PM

OOOOO Entertainment Commerce operates a technology platform that enables retailers, brands and entrepreneurs to share product-based content directly to consumers through live, interactive, shoppable videos.

Live video commerce is an online shopping experience that feels like an amalgamation of the Home Shopping Network (HSN), game shows, talk shows, and auctions and it has taken China by storm.

How big is the market??

  • $300 billion in China 2021 (Up 85%) Equalling 11.7% of total retail ecommerce sales
  • $425 Billion in 2022

Enter OOOOO Entertainment Commerce which provides infrastructure, technology and people to power the live stream economy through the OOOOO App.

Brands and entrepreneurs share their products and services through live, interactive, shoppable videos that connect to massive amounts of consumers in all parts of the world, which cuts out the middleman - and their timing couldn’t be better as UBS estimates 80,000 retail stores in the USA will close by 2026.

The company was founded in 2020 by Sam Jones (previously with, and Eric Zhang (previously with and Tiktok).

More than just lip service, here are some highlights:

  • 500,000 app installs globally.
  • Nike, Lego, and L’Oréal have already sold products through OOOOO.
    • 30,000 sq ft of studio space in London and Manchester
    • Expanded to Brazil, Italy and the Middle East, with South Africa next
    • to help establish production studios in the U.K. and produce content.
    • Help brands sell on TikTok
    • - Live Video Commerce NFTs for global soccer fans with multiple star soccer players & personalities already signed
    • Shiller - Live Video Commerce Platform for Digital Assets
    • One of Shiller's co-founders is an American music artist, media personality and entrepreneur.
    • Currently in "stealth mode" and expects to launch later in 2022.

To help accelerate the Company’s growth even further, $OOOO recently appointed Appointed Steven Hubbard as Chief Commercial Officer.

Steven brings more than 25 years of experience helping lead and develop global multi-channel, multi-category luxury and mainstream brands and has been at the forefront of the retail evolution driving enhanced customer experiences through live commerce and social commerce internationally.

What did Sam Jones CEO and Co-Founder of OOOOO have to say?

"Steve is an innovator and inspiring leader. His deep, hands-on experience driving strategic transformations at global consumer-facing businesses makes him an ideal choice to help accelerate OOOOO's growth and capture the opportunities ahead of us. His expertise as an international brand builder, innovation champion, and operational leader can be true differentiators as we position OOOOO for the years ahead, generating value for all our stakeholders. On behalf of the entire board of directors of OOOOO, I am thrilled to welcome Steve as OOOOO's CCO."

Now sit back and watch this powerful interview.


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