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100% interest in Kerrs gold property; Phase 5 drill program in Q2 2010; NI 43-101 resource estimate Q3 2010; along strike EXS-v recent high-grade (16.6 g/t Au over 12m) discovery

Message: Kerrs Drilling - Testing EXS-v Discovery to South...

Kerrs Drilling - Testing EXS-v Discovery to South...

posted on Apr 24, 2009 05:56AM

Compare mag maps of Kerrs property on slides 7 and 8 of Sheltered Oak Resources (OAK-v) presentation here with EXS-v drill hole map that depicts discovery hole EG-08-07 (16.6 g/t Au over 12m). This hole is located on northern side of EXS-v claim 3012762 (found in south side of slide 7). Additional EXS-v drilling has also taken place in claim 4206988 which is practically on EXS-v and OAK-v property boundary.

I am no geologist but it looks like there is clearly an interesting structure running east-west and then turning sharply SE through OAK-v (SGX-v) Kerrs and then continuing SE onto EXS-v Eastford Lake property.

Appears this was the structure EXS-v was/is now testing at Eastford Lake. They did previously drill more to the south (away from this structure) but came up with nothing. This structure is obviously even more interesting now that EXS-v has drill tested and found it contains gold IMO. Most of this structure is clearly located on OAK-v/SGX-v Kerrs property and it has never (as far as I know) been drill tested. I would assume fantastic results from EXS-v last year made the drilling decision easy for them as OAK-v has recently indicated they plan to test this area with drill program starting in late-May or June. OAK-v/SGX-v also likely gaining much more intelligence from EXS-v about this discovery (i.e. from past EXS-v NR: "down hole IP survey has produced a geophysical signature that indicated the mineralized zone is striking in a north-northwesterly direction and dipping to the south-southwesterly direction"). Rumour was last year that EXS-v got some 'help' from SGX-v re: where to drill. EXS-v likely returning the favour.

Prospects seem very promising for OAK-v/SGX-v IMO.

Pending EXS-v results from Eastford Lake will be inetresting.


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