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Ondine Biopharma Profile

Investor Overview
Ondine Biopharma Corporation’s goal is to become a global leader in the development of innovative non-antibiotic therapies for the treatment of a broad spectrum of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Our mission is to create and commercialize leading-edge products that leverage the versatility and efficacy of our platform technology, Photodisinfection (PDD). Demonstrated efficacy and commercial viability enables Ondine to partner with strategic manufacturing and distribution leaders to achieve maximum worldwide sales coverage.

Ondine’s PDD-based therapies represent potential non-antibiotic alternatives to a wide range of infections including periodontal disease, burns, trauma wounds, and nail bed fungal infections. Ondine’s mission is to develop a broad product pipeline of proprietary anti-infective products, leveraging core strengths, product development expertise and strategic relationships.

Investment Highlights:
• Periowave™ is commercially available in Canada
• Upcoming strategic European Launch of Periowave™
• Non-antibiotic solution
• High margins with recurring revenue for Periowave™
• Distribution partnership with global leader
• Technology supports use for broad range of applications

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