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Message: More II-VI Clues - Investor Presentation June 2016


I'm glad I shared the info with the board. I took it at face value due to the source, a former insider. Posting this here has raised some questions I should have investigated myself.

It's possible the source was mistaken. Or, POET made a bid that wasn't brought to the ANAD shareholders' attention because it was rejected as an inferior bid. In that case POET wouldn't have been any of the named *or* unnamed parties in the NRs (which itself would be weird since upon hearing this information, I remarked about how POET must have been one of the unnamed parites without any of us knowing, and this wasn't corrected by the source or any others among the nodding managment present...).

I don't think he would have made up the story, but I suppose that's at least possible. :S

Hmm. I had a whole conspiracy theory built around this idea that I would never share due to the high degree of speculation and some questions I had that I'm not experienced enough to answer for myself.

Now I wish I had inside connections to either confirm or dispel the story...

Apologies to the board if this turns out to be a red herring :(

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