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Message: Spitballing (criticism is welcome)

Just an idea.

I've been thinking about the NRs we've had in short succession and I've got a guess about what might be happening. Feel free to shoot me down.

We had the following announcements since mid Oct:

1. Supply agreement with Luxmux with immediate announcement for impending PO.

(a) hard to believe the two announcments are not related, even though the placement is stated to be for mundane things such as "general corporate purposes, which may include, among other things, increasing working capital, further product and sales development, as well as potential business or intellectual property acquisitions in support of strategic growth."

This could truly be what the new cash will be for, but the old cash on hand can do whatever it wants. The scope of the Luxmux agreement can't be discolsed, but it's interesting that POET suddently needs money the instant this supply deal is struck.

(b) potential momentum is instantly crushed by the placement announcment, setting the stage for a controlled price for the PO. Perhaps this is a kill-two-birds situation where POET gets money it needs for the supply agreement while securing US investors who can help us get exposure. Luxmux might also be able to take a stake for some reciprocal interest in it's supplier.

2. A week later, we enter into an agreement for support from EDB

(a) this clearly isn't a one-way relationship. In the test of the NR it is stated that the full amount of $10M+ may not be available to us if terms of the agreement are not met. I think one of the terms may have been an investment from POET to match what the EDB committed. In light of something like this, it make the capital raise look like a good idea since you will be getting a dollar for every dollar you spend (going with my 50-50 split scenario).

(b) I'm not sure of the science here (hence the request for pushback/challenge), could the A-Star (IMRE) smart pixel work be adapted to improve upon Luxmux BeST SLED butterfly package? Their current product features several separate emitters to cover the spectrum. It seems to me that POET could be adapted to span that NIR spectrum with fewer chips in the same way A-STAR may be able to make POET work in the visible spectum for AR applications.

(c) Maybe POET will acquire AVO Photonics. This company has been asked to develop technology for Luxmux recently and POET could bring the development under wing and have another product teed up in the short term. AVO has their head office in the states, but the also have prototype development in Toronto. Seems like a good way to expand Denselight-type IP (for SLEDs) while excellerating product develoment in yet another area?

Anyway, this is a fantasy until it's true. But I'd be interested in any criticism, or other potential developments that could make me feel better....:(

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