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Message: It is hard for me to comprehend

Seemingly intelligent people who make what I can only call irrational statements. There are facts known to us as to why they have been unable to meet past targets regarding POETs development. The latest presentation shows us that they are now able to go through the necessary optimization cycles. And for someone to say they don't care about what POET is developing for longer wavelength markets is not recognizing the significance of the technologies that POET now owns. It suggests that people just don't understand or are ignoring the facts.

What a waste of my time reading this forum on days like today with the exception of some really good posts that provide useful information. We have limited time on this earth. Try to enjoy the time you have.

I am excited about POETs future and this management team and the talented workforce who are assembled in Asia Pacific where investment dollars are still available from government sources.


Have a nice day everyone and try to cheer up.

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