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Message: A New Digital OptoElectronic Switch (DOES) Laser

Fortunately i have access to the document through the ressources of my employer ... unfortunately i`m not allowed to share the whole document with public. Maybe someone else is allowed to share it.

Fortunately public sharing of the whole document is not necessary. ;)

Ok, starting with the top of the document. Under the heading you find this:


"G.W.Taylor and H.Opper

University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.

POET Technologies, Inc."


https://www.linkedin.com/in/heath-opper-11b19776/de  and https://www.linkedin.com/in/heath-opper-45ba1088

As i have no linkedin account, i can`t see the whole pages.


I`m not a technician and on 5 of 6 and a half pages are mathematical calculations and graphics that i do not understand but in the introduction i found this:  

 "However in contrast to the conventional diode laser with one set of quantum wells located in the i region of a p-i-n diode, in this structure, there are two sets of quantum wells, each bounded on the outer side (the top and bottom of the total structure) by SCH and cladding regions as in the conventional laser diode. The region between the two sets of quantum wells is a shared SCH region. The shared SCH region allows carriers to be exchanged between the two quantum well sets"


I hope that this few informations can help. After reading the short parts of the document which my little brain can process i think Dr. Taylor is a genius.

SP is down, everybody has the right to be unhappy but i think Poet technologies will be a rising star, soon or maybe very soon.

Good luck to all



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