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Message: A New Digital OptoElectronic Switch (DOES) Laser

A big thankyou to Trini for sharing and yes I will want my own copy:)

This is an interesting development to finally have detailed information provided on the operation of the DOES.

The DOES has been described as a work of art in the past by Gail Overton. It also becomes more interesting when we consider the IP that POET now owns with the BB Photonics acquisition. POET utilizes the epi layers in very interesting ways where optical layers are also used for electrical contacts. BB Photonics IP/Bill Ring expertise brings dielectric waveguide technology to the POET platform which I believe becomes a natural fit for in plane applications.


The most promising approach is to identify a common layer structure with a common set of metal contacts that may function in the capacity of either the transistor or the laser by a simple rearrangement of how the metal contacts are used to realize different devices.

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