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Although I have spent most of my Agoracom time on the side-lines, I have occasionally felt the need to speak up or ask a question.  With this current lull in activity I thought I would just comment on a few observations.


I have been a poet investor for over two years now first buying in at $1.40.  I have accumulated regularly and as the price has crashed I have continued accumulating.  And I did that for a reason.


Although my understanding of the market is somewhat limited, I have been able to absorb and understand the science and most importantly the patents!


I am literally on the verge of retirement having spent over 25 years as a police officer. The only reason I mention this is that experience has taught me how to deal with, understand, communicate with and most importantly, observe people (it also taught me how fragile life is and how fast that can change for some).


This forum is a medley of amazing and very different people, all of whom are as individual as yourselves.  So many different opinions, interpretations and understandings that each of us can, and should learn from the other.  And I believe for the most part we do.


There is a lot of talk about pumping and bashing.  There is also a great deal of criticism directed towards certain people because they may be too consistently positive …….. or too consistently negative. But I have listened to both sides and ultimately made my own decision, as we all should.  I also think the off-topic forum is under-utilized and that 60% of the comments on the general discussion site should be there.  I really don’t need to hear (or read) people arguing ….. ridiculous ……egos).


For whatever its worth, this my take as to what is happening with poet.


I think they are quite literally on the verge of something huge (not pumping).


I am amazed when I read comments that hopefully in a year we will be in the black and back at a SP of pre-PO.  In my opinion when whatever is revealed it will all become abundantly clear why everything happened the way it did.   I also believe that the SP will react accordingly.  There are far more people watching poet than I think we realize.


As far as the management goes, I will reserve judgement (much like Trudeau never commented on Trump during the US election) because you never know how its going to turn out.


I do know a couple of things for sure, to succeed management should have under promised and over delivered.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen here (not bashing).  


And the other is, timing is everything. It is abundantly clear where the market is heading with photonics and there’s no doubt poet is poised to deliver, they just need to do that sooner than later


Good luck to all.


Back to the side lines




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