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Good insight dgmoore,


i agree with you on almost every part of your message. I too am a sidelined. I bought in almost exactly 5 years ago at the same price as you $1.40. I have also bought more since right up till now. I have brought my average to about $0.80.

i pipe in from time to time but mostly just read. I also enjoy reading posts from both sides of the fence. Optimists like FJ, Rainer, etc. Really give a lot of value. As well as knowledgeable info from the likes of oz, wake and disco, etc. At the same time I think that posts from pessimists like Aves and recently My Poet are very important as they show you the other parts of the company that are there and we do need to be aware of. Combine it all together and you come out with a clear idea. At least as clear as it could be from a forum. We know that we are basing these things on scraps we collect but it's all we've got.

we aren't getting much news right now and it's stressful as we want to know what is happening with the company we're invested in and care much about. At the same time I haven't been more sure we are close then right now. this is just my opinion but in the 5 years I've been invested I haven't had this feeling of excitement like I do right now. I strongly believe that we are a couple months give or take from the beginning of what we were hoping for. I don't think it's going to immediately be a huge SP. but I think we will be on the upward and above $1.00 not too long from now. Again this is just my opinion. It just all makes sense and with the recent news of the vcsel I see it happening. Almost every time they release news it's 3 months or so after it has already happened. So who knows where they're really at at this point. 

But thank you to everyone on this board for taking the time to share and explain. May good times be near. 


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