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Message: 2015

Remember back to 2015 the optimistic view of POET that all on this board had and then the addition of Ajit and the big rolladex,add to that the rockstar CEO and its up and to the right from here.2017 finds us for all intense purposes without Ajit ,Subbash and others that were going to take us to the promised land.So where does that leave us ,the new IR closed mouth approach to info suggests we are nowwhere and the SP backs that up.

Rainer once tried to convince us that the shareprice and shareholder value are separate entities but like you all my value is SP x number of shares held and as of late it is going down.We all hope that one day we are going to wake up to a release stating Vcsel is done and NRE's are rolling in .

My point is this did anyone in there wildest dreams think 2 years on from Peter Copetti's talk with Dr Taylor saying no matter how they do it they will do it with POET AND THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE POET.think we would be where we are SP wise.

I know I didn't

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