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Tartisan Resources Corp. to Acquire Canadian Arrow Mines Limited


  • Tartisan will acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Canadian Arrow Mines Limited by way of a court-approved plan of arrangement
  • Tartisan would issue to Canadian Arrow Mines Limited shareholders one common share of Tartisan for every 17.5 common shares of Canadian Arrow, resulting in the issuance of approximately 8,000,000 common shares of Tartisan


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Hub On AGORACOM / Read Release

Message: Apple

Dark Knight it's  interesting you have been watching BNN TV you say:

'It's been a long time since PTK were to appear on BNN concerning the Apple connection, let's face it, it didn't pan out.  The facts are the TRAB is done, the rest is just bs and hype...

Let's look at the TRAB announcement on 30 March 2015


'The Company announces the formation of a “Technology Roadmap Advisory Board” comprising of Dr. Geoff Taylor, Ajit Manocha, and Tony Blevins. This Advisory Board collectively has extensive expertise in the semiconductor industry, supply chain management and operations, consumer products, and key technology markets, with over 100 years of combined experience.

This Advisory Board will act as advisors to the Board of Directors and the Executive team with primary focus on optimizing and accelerating the company’s “Lab-to-fab” transition and commercialization plans. “The Company is looking forward to leveraging the newly formed Advisory Board’s semiconductor market expertise and execution track record,” said Mr. Peter Copetti, Executive Co-Chairman and interim CEO.

The TRAB  facts are:

It existed for a little over two and a half years.

Tony Blevins an Apple VP of procurement was a member.

It's purpose was to focus on optimizing and accelerating the company’s “Lab-to-fab” transition and commercialization plans.

The context of the TRABs creation was:

It was formed during a period when PET held the Technical priority of focus for PTI.

We were informed that Milestones were being set by a large customer.  

BAE was contacted to carry out development (to show capacity to mass manufactured PET).

Synopsys were partners. PTK were being produced. Which provided a means to transfer POET IP for devlopment at a lab  elsewhere. We were told PTK were completed.  Lee Shepherd who worked on the PTK then vanished but is still retained on the company's books.

By September 2015 PTI strategy was then  swivelled towards the development and commercialization of Optical Engines. This left me wondering what happened to PET, the silence was deafening.  Was this the 40 engineer deal I wondered?

No statement was ever made regarding completion of PET development.  The company refused to answer questions  about its comercial relationship re TRAB other than saying it continued. Evidence of an underlying NDA I would say.

So what happened? The answer is we don't know but If, as you say DK this was all BS and nothing happened,  why did they not just terminate the TRAB there and then at the strategy swivel point in September 2015, rather than wait thity-two months later.  


My opinion is that Apple was certainly taking a very close look at POET over a period in time sufficient for it to be  entirely feasible to integrate POET products into an Apple development plan.  After which a TRAB role could finish when acelerated lab to fab was completed and a commercialisation plan was in place

Please note the company has never uttered the word of Apple, but it defies logic that Tony Blevins, a senior Apple employee and VP Procurement, became a member of another company's management structure, without the full agreement of his employer.  The only two material facts that PTI were permitted as news reports was the setting up and closure of the TRAB.  Both are significant signals to us as shareholders  of a relationship that were considered to be necessary material information but had to be stated in a way that did not contravene an NDA, by not mentioning the name Apple,

Regarding  your point about GT, he just retired. In my experience of large IT projects with UK MoD, the retirement of one of the members of a management structure would not constitute a reason for its disbandment. So your premise is not sustainable re GT

None of what I have said proves an ongoing relationship with Apple. But neither does it discount it.  However, unlike you I believe there is sufficient evidence to continue to keep an open mind on the possibility.  

I would go so far to say that Apple's  new found confidence and desire to build processors may well be because they have proof of concept of a new beyond Moore’s Law Technology,  that is fast, cheap to run and build, has small form factor and can be integrated with advances in photonics on a single monolithic chip oh!  Now that could not possibly be POET could it?  

Finally DK, don't you find it interesting that the news of disbandment of the TRAB occurred just at the point that the VCSEL integration completion would have taken place. Which curiously also coincided with the major reorganisation of PTI management to a more commercial footing,  plus a series of announcements by Apple concerning building it's own processors as well as Dr Deshmukh being assigned to special projects under SV's wing.  

Alas mere dots l, but as you know watching BNN on your TV is just a series of dots making up a picture.  A moving one in POET'S case.  



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