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Message: Question for FJ?

You guys are all brilliant and I'm but a corner bum in comparison of your knowledge but "fact" is none of us have any control of what did happen or will happen with this venture. We can think what we want and we can say what we want but 'fact is' we are only pawns. "Fact is' we can desert this army or we can stay and hope for the victory and the spoils of war but 'fact is' what we say or do means practically nothing. This adventure is going where it will and "their will'. We have only 2 choices and that is to be apart of it or don't be apart of it. Simple! 

Right now she has been lassoed by the warrants and tied to the $.52 stake. When she is set free she will run like a young stallion and I hope you're all on her back when she gets set free. I know I am.

I have said absolutely nothing of value here but I have said just as much as anyone else here this morning.




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