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Message: Aug 8, 2017

Yes, I would be thrilled with 60 cents. We are half way there! My long term target (with no date) for this stock is somewhere between $2 to $5 per share based on what seems to be going on now. It will only come to fruition when the related revenue ramps up and depending upon how many partners, co-developers sign on. It still remains possible, despite the current number of shares outstanding, when more partners or co-developers sign on that POET's share of the addressable markets grow which then give analysts the confidence to even go beyond my practical and hopefully realistic projection. Its only a guess at this point for me (not enough information) yet to convince the world I am correct or nearly correct (lol). Now analysts with finer information can project more accurately on trends where POET might do really well in those addressable markets.

Should ever POET's GaAs platform continue to develop, then really disruptive share prices could come through as POET will have earned credibility on what they are trying to successfully establsh now. The speculative (conspiracy theorist side of me) wonders, to a degree, if somehow GaAs had to be made silent for now. Maybe? But, POET has been as forthright at they could be when they described the issue around the 4th pin, so any conspiracy theory may be invalid anyhow ... but, who knows. Only the shadows of IT know. Reality is that POET is executing on its current roadmap and the synergization of those efforts should eventually translate into a better share price as any possible skepticism out there is getting silenced by POET's actions. I hope this post is taken in the balance that I tried to deliver it in.


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