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BREAKING: Spyder Cannabis Celebrates Canada Day Weekend with Launch of New Hemp Energy Drink Line

  • In celebration of Canada Day, it will launch its new Hemp Energy Drink line over the Canada Day long weekend across its existing Ontario locations, as well as its two brand new stores in Niagara Falls and Pickering, set to open this weekend
  • Samples will be available at all locations

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Hub On AGORACOM / Read Release

Message: We seem to be stuck between 35 and 40 cents...

Shash I believe Tannersfriend was making reference to the interposer prototypes that the company reported would be completed/delivered to customers in Q3. There is no reason to expect that this has not happened. I have been directed to read the filings and public presentations when I have asked the company how they are progressing on the interposer and packaging for Datacom. The sensing side has become interesting in that work appears to progressing in parallel which I take as a good sign.  

As I noted Tannersfriend was making reference to the “Early Prototypes to validate Optical Interposer functionality: Q3 2018” (slide 8) https://poet-technologies.com/docs/agm2018/POET-AGM-Slide-Presentation-2018.pdf  

I believe the following bullet on the same slide is what you are referencing:

• Production Ready Prototypes: Q4 2018

That development would tie into the following comment during the AGM Q&A by David Lazovsky:

 "And the customers that we’re engaged with, including the large Chinese customers that Suresh reviewed today, have specified specific electronics providers that they would like us to work with and we are working with those electronic providers in many cases to ensure compatibility of our optical engines with the existing electronics that they’re currently using."


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