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BREAKING: Enthusiast Gaming Announces Exclusive Partnership With Omnia Media And Its 900 Channel Youtube Network And 50+ Million Monthly Visitors

  • Entered into two agreements
    • One with Omnia Media Inc. to exclusively represent all of Omnia’s online gaming traffic in the United States, and another with Blue Ant Media
  • Omnia is a leading global gaming YouTube platform which creates, manages and operates a multi-channel YouTube network that distributes premium, original content.
  • With over 50 million monthly visitors 1, 400 million subscribers across 900 channels, Omnia’s network is one of the most highly visited destinations on YouTube for video game related content


Message: AIM interposer

Oz>Well I'm looking, looking, but can't see anything ahead of POET - conclusion: acceleration please

Me ether Oz. Importantly that is exactly the way management view the platform. For those that say more patients required or market is speaking well POET has a history of moving up and moving down and it is  almost predictable and I think for the most part traders love it.

We are waiting for  POET to commercialize the platform based on what management have told us. They have been straight with us on what to expect. And I think everything we have looked at “Oz” is telling us that they have the right package that can be done at low cost and with very high performance and high volume. Remember when Suresh talked about being humbled by the response they are getting from industry. It is breakthrough and the data supports this. Do the math and don’t be fooled by the trepidations of the market. This is real.

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