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Message: China, the world, and POET


Huawei's already getting cut out of the 5G picture. 

My rambling thoughts: 

The Chinese cannot help themselves, it seems their obsession in wanting to contaminate products with spyware and performance controls will ruin any potential integrity that was returning since the last time around.

Many of Huawei's issues are state driven. So does this impact POET? Probably, but the ripples remain unknown. 

Some POET products seem tamper proof due to the advantages of the interposer manufacturing process, and this integrity may become a vital selling point.  My guess is Chinese 5G products may be restricted to domestic use only. Theoretically those types of components might be permitted to trade from Singapore.

The larger question is, does this escalating trade war make POET a more imminent takeover target, or a victim caught in the middle?

Controlling a disruptive technology may become a priority. Ownership of POET may determine who (China, US/rest of world) gets control of the most cost effective solutions. 

What (2nd gen 100g/1st gen 400g) , when (2019) and why (cost/efficiency) are predetermined; 'who' and 'where' are now the question. 

Buying data/com transmission gear from China may become like buying (Kaspersky) antivirus software from Russia. We know how that turned out. 

Interesting times ahead, while it may affect who gets the biggest slices of transceiver pie, I don't think it changes what will become the key ingredient. 


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