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Message: what am I missing?

Monolithic you're so right; 

'POET's legwork is done. Once qualifications in customers are completed, POET "becomes part of those customers' products or their sub-assemblies" (paraphrased from Suresh)'.  

The news last week is effectively PTI changing focus once more and moving on to the next goals that they have set for themselves. This signals to me at least that our investment is sound and that the long awaited benefits are feasible.

However, as sharehoders and part owners of this Company we, incomprehensively feel that we are still in the doldrums.  The reason being that there is undoubtedly quite a time lag between company targets being completed and the news of that getting through to this board,  Whilst we get it, yes, we can recognise that there is no sense of awe in the markets to propel the Share Price forward. The fervour  we might expect at the breakthrough that the Interposer represents is practically and fraustratingly non existant. 

The reasons for this are not obvious but the current world environment with Brexit effects here in the UK and the spat between China and the US, no thanks Mr Trump, to my mind takes the public focus away from such technical breakthroughs and the benefits they represents to advance datcoms in the PIC world.  Yes we may get it but clearlly those who we need to unleash the fervour are dosing in the light of other fires.

Thats life, but it does not mean that the fervour is not going to happen. This to my mind is what venture capital investment  (risk\reward) is all about and why us mad people on this board the longs like myself saw great potential in POET's technology all those years ago and its capacity to make us wealthier.  Whether this time lag constitues an investment error, a Jack would have it, on our behalf I think is debatable.  The fact is that without our interest, sense of adventure, deep pockets even, and belief in what POET could do, this inflection point, this watershed, could not have been reached. 

Whist others may no see it like I do, and there are no guarantees, I am beginning to feel a confident glow that the risks endured in being a POET investor, have taken a significant turn.  


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