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BREAKING: Spyder Cannabis Enters into MOU with HighBreed Growth Corp. for a Proposed Reverse Takeover Transaction

  • Through its Israeli subsidiary HighBreed Growth Ltd., is building a cannabis cultivation greenhouses facilities in Israel with a total planned size of 500,000 square feet.
  • HBGC has signed domestic sale contract with an entity to purchase its production capacity
  • Israeli government announced that it would approve cannabis for export in 2019, and regulations are expected to be enacted in the 2nd quarter of 2020 to authorize export

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Message: POET on the move

Share price is making nice gains this week, but our board is wallpapered with penny flipper talk. Maybe some intentional diversion from the good news? Forget them.

POET is shedding stages, and the main rocket is now the OI platform. No getting bogged down in manufacture of other products. Very little ancillary IP to protect. Targets are the largest data and telecomm equipment companies.

Simple to explain to investors; forget trying to describe the technology, just show the complexity of components/steps the OI replaces, show the interposer and show the price for each, along with the bullet points oulining why the OI is next gen. 

The SP has risen again, well after the news has begun to be spread. It may continue, it may pull back. That is simply games. It does not change what POET possesses. Play, or hold at your own risk. If you want to talk hourly moves of share price, or discuss your wins (who talks about their bad trades?) find another forum. If this board was focussed on trading alone it would have died years ago. Its primary focus is on the technology and its potential. Special thanks to those who provide and educate. And there is now far more evidence to be optimistic about than there has been in the past, at any stage. 

I think the silence we have experienced in the past is over, maybe weeks in between at most. There is simply too much progress on too many fronts (financial, acquisition, product development, realationships) for silence to remain the norm. 

Good luck all longs, enjoy the weekend, US markets closed on Monday. 


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