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Message: just like JTB predicted back to $0.32

FJ, your participation was through IBK, is that correct? 

The other interesting news, aside from the more recent events re: sale of DL and financing, is the long-awaited update on products for which POET was paid $3M, from multiple customers, to deliver protoypes.

NR was Nov 12, 2018: https://poet-technologies.com/news/2018-nov-12.html

"The orders include sales and development contracts with a value in excess of US$3 million (CAD$3.9 million) to purchase current device prototypes, to develop and provide increasingly integrated optical engine components or to systematically address specific customer integration requirements under paid development programs.  Together, these recent orders represent a material increase in the overall revenue run-rate for the Company and are expected to be fulfilled beginning now through mid-2019."

So as we wait...we can expect by end of June 2019 an update on the OI multiple orders, for which protoypes are expected to lead to bigger contracts.

"POET’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Suresh Venkatesan, commented, “We introduced the Optical Interposer in January of this year and have now received multiple orders from datacom and telecom industry leaders. This validates that we have a compelling photonics integration platform.  The Optical Interposer enables manufacturers of conventional and silicon photonics transceiver modules to reduce costs and, in some cases, to cost-effectively transition from 100G to 400G products using a common platform architecture.  We expect these current orders to lead to the inclusion of more of our Optical Interposer technology in current and future products, including 400G transceivers for datacom and low-cost devices targeted at the high-growth market for 5G cellular and next generation access networks.”

Also, another thought I had this weekend (I am moving, so anything to take my mind off the task at hand): is it possible Palomar has the funds to buy DL? They are getting deep into Asia with the Innovation center, and they have a focus on autonomous vehicles. Just wondering out loud if they can afford it, and if so, do they have a partner in China who is bankrolling them. They have a few jobs up on the site, seems to be focused in Cali.


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