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Message: Dr. Lam


Sparta > I am saying his selling does not make sense to me.

It does not have to make sense to you Sparta. It just has to make sense to  Dr Lam. You think if there was a problem only one person at DL would know about it? Do you not think he had to get approval to sell shares? The management team had to be approved by the TSX for the exemption to the 25% rule so they could buy twice as many debentures and remember the GM of DL was a big participant. Do you not think the level of participation represents a much stronger message than the activity of one person who could be selling for many reasons. It would be a little more balanced opinion if you could recognise that participation as an overwhelming vote of confidence in the company. And while you are at it giving your opinion maybe you can comment on why options were set 2 months prior to the AGM?  If there was bad news on the way wouldn’t they wait for it to hit before setting options?

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