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Message: Dr. Lam

Most reasonable individuals would go to bank open a line of credit and use the line of credit until the new  discovery comes to market and his stock will be  worth much more than the present price.

Sorry Sparta this comment is hilarious. I nearly choked on my croissant!! Most reasonable individuals can't walk into a  bank and open a line of credit for what looks like $100 000? It's just nonsense to suggest that is at all possible. Unless he is loaded, in which case why is he borrowing such sums. The banks certainly won't fall for his "i've got this great stock thats about to explode" story. 

There are a host of reasons he is selling. Most have been put forward already. If he is trading on inside information, then that's illegal and why is he the only one. There is also the SP to consider here. It hasn't budged one bit, and in fact has gained slightly. Now in my experience, in the past this selling would have had an affect. I thought the market knew best? or perhaps it's missed the fact that impending doom is coming and Dr Lam is the only one in the know. 

Total codswallop!!

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