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Message: What is the deal?

People want to litigate the past? In case anyone has forgotten this forum was infested by the characters that spew the constant flow of garbage at stockhouse. Were there casualties of war to avoid this forum from becoming another stockhouse? Sure there was. There are some really great posters here that share information very openly and without fear of being embarrassed or being shot down and insulted.

I am grateful to the great contribution made on this forum by the many. But let’s not have this forum return to the garbage that caused the move from stockhouse in the first place.

There have been many approaches to optical integration and Suresh has investigated many technology platforms that showed promise beginning as early as his days with Motorola. Until the time is spent to dissect each case the actual understanding a determination of viability cannot be made. This  is  why so  many people who understood and worked with doctor Taylor were so  keen on the capabilities of POET and why Suresh himself talked about the very pervasive nature of  GaAs in terms of both electron mobility and the ease at which lasing can be produced. I think there will be a time and a place for that platform.

You just have to listen to the lineup of PHD’s who provided input on the UCONN lab tour. These people are academics who in my opinion don’t know how to lie. The POET GaAs platform will have another go  around when the time is right.


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