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So it seems we have some more time to wait and hear from the company.  So in the mean time here are a few articles I found that I think point out that what we are trying to achieve is an industry need and as our CEO says we are receiving major industry attention I can see why.  I am not a tech guru but having been invested in this company since the Pellegrino 1.0 days, back when I thought I was buying a solar company with some interesting technology as a side project, I have learned a good bit about Integrated Circuts.  It's been an interesting ride for sure and I really hope that come September all of you long suffering ladies and gentlemen who have been on this ride also get a clear picture of the future in store for us.  I am very hopeful that this investment will finally start to payoff in the coming year.  I think we are indeed at an inflection point.












If you want to understand integrated Photonics and what Poet is doing read this...




just to remind everyone of what is going on...




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