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Message: Quick thoughts and questions

I listened with some interruptions. Seemed to me a lot of the Q&A got wasted on things already released and known.

Did they give an indication of when the first 400g OIs are expected to be produced in volume (not developed)? 2H2020, early, late?

Was addressable market for 400g discussed in terms of potential for OI?

As suspected the DL deal is holding up progress with a second large (Chinese) prospect, one that may compete with the DL buyer. So delay by Buyer may in fact be of benefit to them, getting production facility constructed and functioning or as close as possible before completing deal.

No guidance, of course, but did get sense that NRE is still anticipated this year. 

Not going to bang drums or bang heads, we know what we are going to know, and we mostly remain mushrooms. 

Bottom line; huge explosive market, huge potential, either you are going to wait for it or not. I did find it interesting that Suresh teased the question regarding buyout speculation, (but please not to a Chinese buyer). 

Best of luck to all.



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