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Message: A Big Thank You

It was a real pleasure for myself and Ms Kizzy to attend the AGM yesterday and get to meet all the Agoracom posters who came out from behind their keyboards to attend as well. 

Thank you to FJ for organizing the after party so we had a chance to chat with attendees and the management team. Sitting with Kevin Barnes and David Lazovsky two very intelligent and classy individuals over lunch and having Kevin actually take the time to try to explain an optical interposer to me was telling about the kind of people we have leading our company.

Thank you to ALL the management team for taking the time to come to lunch and mix with us commoners ( shareholders ). I believed in them before but even more now.

Thank you to the penny flippers for not showing up, even though I was soooo looking forward to meeting their head guru JTB. He committed to coming to both the AGM and the after party  but I think he must have slept in, he didn't show up, as we were walking down King St. on the way home we had to step around someone sleeping on the sidewalk, Toronto sure has changed since I was there 10 years ago.

Thank you to Journey for the song " Don't Stop Believing "

Kizzy and Ms Kizzy

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