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AGORACOM Welcomes TransCanna (TCAN:CSE) Developing The Largest Multi-Purpose Cannabis Facility in California

  • $2M CAD Revenue April 2020
  • $24.6M CAD Revenue Run Rate solely from TransCanna test facility
  • $90M Annual Revenue expected from first full year upon completion of 196,000 Sq Ft Daly facility Q3 2021
  • Daly facility will be one of the largest cannabis facilities in California
  • Recently acquired two California companies,
    • High-end award winning edible producer Soldaze
    • Premium indoor cultivator and distributer Lyfted Farms
  • Lyfted Farms products sold in select Cookies Locations - The most recognizable name in high-end Cannabis.
  • 2019 California Cannabis sales over $3B, industry currently fragmented
  • Direct to dispensary model, cutting out the middleman

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Message: Just a thought

Here is what I can find on Dynax Semi in terms of the size of their current GaN fab, and some other interesting tidbits. The name changes even on a single page: Suzhou Nengxun High Energy Semiconductor Co, Ltd., or...Nexun Semiconductor.

Various research leads me to believe they actually have somewhere between 500-1000 employees, and revenues in the tens of millions but I can't confirm any of this.

According to this website, their investment in a GaN plant cost 1 billion yuan. That is $141M USD.

On the plant: http://www.dynax-semi.com/jishu.asp?ID=15

 Under the leadership of a world-class team, Suzhou Nengxun High Energy Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has a complete set of proprietary GaN electronic device design and manufacturing technology. The company's manufacturing base in Kunshan National High-tech Zone in Suzhou is second to none in terms of technical strength and scale. The company adopts IDM's business model and integrates materials growth, device design, process manufacturing, package testing, and application circuit design to achieve efficient innovation and build core competitiveness.
       The first large-scale factory of the company (FAB1) is located in the high-tech zone of Kunshan, Suzhou. The factory covers an area of ​​55 mu, and the plant area is 18,000 square meters, of which the clean plant area is 3,000 square meters. There is also an R&D center with an area of ​​8,000 square meters.

      The FAB1 facility is fully equipped with full-scale manufacturing capabilities from material growth to reliability testing. In the early stage, it has successfully built a capacity of 6,000 pieces of 3-inch gallium nitride wafers per year. To meet market demand, the production line in 2018 will be upgraded to a capacity of 50,000 pieces of 4 inch gallium nitride per year.

On the company:http://www.dynax-semi.com/Aboutcon.asp?ID=25

       Suzhou Nengxun High Energy Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise founded by overseas returnees. It is dedicated to the technology and industrialization of wide-bandgap semiconductor GaN electronic devices, for RF microwave and industrial control in 5G mobile communication, broadband communication, etc. High-efficiency semiconductor products and services are provided in two major fields, such as power electronics and electric vehicles.

       As a leading company in China's GaN industry, Nexun Semiconductor has independently developed the GaN material growth, chip design, wafer process, package test, reliability and application circuit technology using the integrated design and manufacturing (IDM) model. At present, the company has 280 patents, including: 186 inventions in China, 69 international inventions, 25 utility models, and 40 patent licenses. The company's patents are complete in layout and are the first-line manufacturers in the industry. The overseas patents are mainly distributed in the United States, Japan, Europe and other regions. The company's technical level and product indicators have reached the international advanced level.

       Nengxun Semiconductor has built China's first gallium nitride (GaN) electronic device factory in Kunshan National High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province. The plant covers an area of ​​55 acres with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. Completed the accumulation of technologies and products for 5G communication systems, and the product performance has passed the testing and certification of world-class communication companies.

       The core team of Nengxun has extensive overseas experience and is well-known in the field of international GaN technology. It still maintains a world record for many GaN technologies. The company has nearly 300 employees, including 8 overseas returning doctors and 63 masters. The undergraduate degree or above accounts for nearly 70%. The employees of the company won the national “Thousand Talents Plan”, Jiangsu Province Shuangchuang Talents, Suzhou Gusu Talents, Kunshan City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents and other talents programs and titles more than 30 times, more than 60 employees won the Suzhou and Kunshan local talent allowance.

       Relying on excellent technical innovation capabilities, Nengxun Semiconductor has undertaken the “863” key special projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the national key R&D plan, the National Development and Reform Commission's electronic information industry revitalization and technological transformation project, the Ministry of Industry and Information Industry's industrial strong base project, and the major project of Jiangsu's scientific and technological achievements transformation. The company has also been recognized as a national integrated circuit manufacturing enterprise and a high-tech enterprise, and has also been included in the Suzhou Unicorn Breeding Program.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy:

People-oriented, green operation, promote the harmonious and sustainable development of economy, society and environment.

Develop employee value, create a harmonious business environment, achieve a win-win situation for partners, and become a company that society respects and employees love.


Trade secrets:

Comply with the law and the company's confidentiality system;

Protect all business secrets of the company and its customers;

Strengthen confidential education and raise the awareness of confidentiality of all employees;

Improve confidentiality measures to prevent information security incidents.


Integrity management:

Obey the law, abide by integrity, put an end to corruption, and self-discipline.


Information disclosure:

Disclosure of information in a true, accurate, complete and timely manner shall be free from false records, misleading statements or major omissions.


Report an appeal:

Adhere to the principle of "fairness, justice, objectivity, and seeking truth from facts", advocate real-name reporting and appealing, and strictly report the complainant's information.


privacy protection:

Fully respect privacy and not use illegal channels to collect and disseminate private information.


Environmental, occupational health and safety, hazardous substance reduction:

People-oriented, to protect employees' health and safety.

Energy conservation and emission reduction, building a harmonious green home.

Compliance with laws and regulations, shaping a first-class corporate image.


Conflict-free mineral policy:

Peaceful development, away from conflict minerals.


we promise:

Adhere to the "people-oriented" philosophy to create a safe and healthy working environment for employees;

By designing more energy-efficient GaN chips, we can provide customers with lower energy consumption and higher work efficiency, contributing to the global green economy;

Adhere to the sustainable development strategy, implement cleaner production, rationally use energy resources, reduce consumption, reduce pollution emissions, and pursue harmonious development with nature and society;

Strictly abide by national and regional laws, regulations and other relevant regulations on environment, safety and health;

Establish a sound environmental, health and safety management system to continuously improve environmental and occupational health and safety performance.


They are hiring a lot of people, a lot of the jobs require excellent English skills: http://www.dynax-semi.com/jobs.asp?ID=16


2020 Campus Recruitment (Real Time Update)

Position 1: Senior Device Engineer 

1. Compound semiconductor device structure design, simulation and layout design
2. Planning and implementation of product technology solutions;
3. Device technology development.

1. Ph.D., GaN, SiC, Si power device research project experience, or GaN, GaAs RF device, LDMOS research project experience;
2. Familiar with semiconductor device physics and solid physics, familiar with microwave engineering related knowledge or power electronics related Knowledge;
3. Familiar with the integration of single-step process and process flow of lithography, etching, evaporation, stripping, deposition, acid and alkali treatment;
4. Proficiency in common computer simulation software for semiconductor devices, proficient in layout software, Familiar with microwave circuit simulation software;
5. Excellent team spirit, communication ability and technical document writing ability and habits, good English writing ability, and fluent communication with foreign experts.



Position 2: Device Engineer 

1. Responsible for compound semiconductor device design;
2. Device technology development;
3. Compound semiconductor device characterization;
4. Collaboration with other departments.

1. Master degree, major in semiconductor, microelectronics, physics, etc.;
2. Familiar with physics and solid state physics
of semiconductor devices 3. Familiar with computer simulation software for commonly used semiconductor devices;
4. Excellent team spirit, communication skills and technology Document writing skills and habits;
5. Good English writing skills, and fluent communication skills with foreign experts.


Position 3: Process R&D Engineer

1. Responsible for the development of new products and processes (developing research and development plans, new products, process development, evaluation of R&D results, final delivery, etc.).
2. Responsible for analyzing and resolving process anomalies and problems in the production line.
3. Responsible for daily SPC monitoring, analysis of production line monitoring data, identify and solve problems, and maintain production stability. Requirements:
1. Master degree, microelectronics, semiconductor, materials science, physics, optics and other related professional background.
2. There is a solid foundation in physics and semiconductor physics.
3. Have a basic understanding of semiconductor technology, understand the main links and basic principles of semiconductor technology;
4. Experience in GaN electronic devices or process development is preferred, skilled use of some semiconductor manufacturing equipment, proficient in its principles, such as: PECVD, ICP, EBL has priority;
5. Has good logic analysis ability, written expression ability, interpersonal communication ability, good English reading and writing ability;
6. Excellent team spirit, communication ability and technical document writing ability and habits, cheerful and enthusiastic Serious work, craftsmanship, and a high degree of enthusiasm for technical work.



Position 4: RF Power Amplifier Engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. Design and development of high power microwave amplifier GaN verification;
2. Develop an internal matching circuit for GaN microwave power devices.

job requirements:

1. Master degree, major in microwave and microelectronics;
2. Solid foundation in microwave circuit design, able to independently design and debug microwave power amplifier, with better modeling ability;
3. Theoretical basis of microwave semiconductor device and It is accumulated in the application of the amplifier;
4. Proficiency in the use of various network analyzers, spectrum analyzers and other microwave test equipment, skilled use of electronic design software;
5. Excellent communication skills, can communicate effectively with the cooperation client, excellent Teamwork and technical documentation, good English reading and writing skills.


Position 5: RF Engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. Design, development and verification of high power GaN microwave amplifiers.
2. Develop an internal matching circuit for GaN microwave power devices.
1. Master degree, major in microwave and microelectronics.
2. With solid microwave circuit design foundation, it can independently design and debug microwave power amplifier, and has better modeling ability.
3. Has the theoretical basis of microwave semiconductor devices and its knowledge accumulation in the application end of the amplifier.
4. Proficiency in the use of various network analyzers, spectrum analyzers and other microwave test equipment, skilled use of electronic design software.
5. Excellent communication skills, able to communicate effectively with cooperative client units, excellent teamwork spirit and technical document writing skills, good English reading and writing skills. 



Position 6: 6 process engineers

1. Responsible for maintaining the stable operation of each section of the production line to ensure product stability and repeatability;
2. Responsible for daily SPC monitoring, analyzing various monitoring data of the production line, finding and solving problems;
3. Responsible for new Development of products and new processes, including: development of research and development plans, new products, process development, evaluation of research and development results, final delivery, etc.;

job requirements:

1. Master degree, microelectronics, semiconductor, materials science, physics, optics and other related professional background;
2. Have a solid foundation in physics and semiconductor physics;
3. Have a basic understanding of semiconductor technology, understand the semiconductor process Main links and basic principles;
4. GaN electronic devices or process development experience is preferred, skilled use of some semiconductor manufacturing equipment, proficient in its principles, such as: PECVD, ICP, EBL, etc.;
5. Have good logic analysis capabilities, written Ability to express, interpersonal communication, good English reading and writing skills;
6. Excellent team spirit, communication skills and technical document writing skills and habits, cheerful personality, enthusiasm, serious work, craftsmanship, high technical work enthusiasm.


Position 7: Product Reliability Engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. Build and optimize the reliability experiment platform.
2. Develop and improve reliability testing standards and procedures.
3. Lead the new process, reliability verification and report writing of new products.
4. Research and analyze the failure mechanism to achieve further improvement in reliability.
5. As an external window, effectively serve customers and continuously improve customer satisfaction;
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in microwave, electronic engineering, circuit, and semiconductor.
2. It is preferred to understand the basic principles and methods of understanding the physical basis and manufacturing process of semiconductor devices and mastering the reliability evaluation of devices.
3. Proficiency in office software for technical document writing and data processing, good English reading and writing skills.
4. Excellent communication, communication skills and excellent team spirit, honest, eager to learn and responsible.

Position 8: Extension Engineer

1. Assist in the research and development of new products and related epitaxial process debugging and introduction;
2. Responsible for the adjustment of MOCVD daily growth procedures;
3. Responsible for abnormal processing during production;
4. Responsible for routine maintenance and abnormal handling of MOCVD;
5. Assist in the characterization of material properties.

job requirements:

1. Master degree or above in microelectronics, electrical engineering, physics, materials engineering, etc.
2. Experience in MOCVD and GaN material growth during the master's degree is preferred. XRD, Hall, and AFM test skills are preferred;
3 Have a better understanding of the MOCVD system and have practical hands-on skills;
4. Good team spirit and communication skills, able to work with different departments to achieve the set goals.


Position 9: Foundry Service Engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. Provide technical support to relevant internal business units.
2. Provide technical support to external customers.
3. Model and PDK protocols, manuals and case documents are sorted and archived.
4. Cooperation with other companies and departments.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in semiconductor, microelectronics, physics, etc.
2. Familiar with the basics of microelectronics.
3. Excellent teamwork, good communication and technical documentation skills.
4. Fluent English writing skills.


Position 10: Product Management Engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the preparation, release and maintenance of product related documents (such as product datasheet).
2. Manage and maintain product lifecycle information (development, listing, mass production, delisting, change, etc.).
3. Coordinate with the supply chain and production operation department to provide relevant product information and support the sales order.
4. Coordinate with the needs of the marketing department to provide relevant product information and support product promotion and sales.
1. Bachelor degree, major in microelectronics, semiconductor, integrated circuit, radio frequency microwave, electronic science and technology.
2. Proficiency in office software, strong data analysis skills, excellent communication skills, written communication skills, and problem-solving skills.
3. Character is steady, careful, and patient.


Position 11: IE Engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. Plan the production capacity and equipment management of the production line.
2. Develop reasonable production targets for each equipment based on the equipment production review plan.
3. Planning management and routine maintenance of the plant layout.
4. Product line efficiency analysis, and put forward key points for equipment efficiency improvement.
5. Develop standards for manpower requirements based on capacity.
6. Improvements in production sites and optimization of business processes.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in industrial engineering.
2. Good computer knowledge, familiar with Office operations, master certain software development skills, or have certain programming skills are preferred.
3. Familiar with ECRS, IE seven major methods, misoperation prevention management.
4. Honest and trustworthy, clear logic, ability to withstand stress, communication, and problem solving.


Position 12: Equipment Engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the installation and commissioning of new equipment.
2. Responsible for routine maintenance and repair of the equipment machine.
3. Optimize the work of the leading equipment to improve equipment utilization and service life.
4. Cooperate with process engineers to solve equipment process problems and improve product yield and efficiency.
5. Responsible for the revision of the quality documentation for the equipment in charge.
6. Responsible for training and mentoring equipment assistant engineers and technicians.
1. Bachelor degree, major in mechanical, electronic technology, automation, optics, instrumentation, etc.
2. Skilled in using office software and have a certain ability to read English.


Position 13: EHS Engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. On-site inspection and audit, and tracking corrective actions to ensure closure.
2. Supervise and inspect the training and implementation of EHS documents.
3. Collect and organize safety technical specifications for dangerous goods to provide a basis for the safe use of dangerous goods.
4. Collect and integrate security-related laws and regulations for compliance checks.
5. Identify and control important environmental factors and hazards.
6. Assessment and continuous improvement of the health system's operating conditions.
7. Communicate and cooperate with relevant government departments.
8. The creation and submission of the annual application materials, the disclosure of the hazard notification card and the MSDS.
1. Bachelor degree, safety engineering, environmental engineering and other related majors.
2. Skilled in using office software; have a certain ability to read English.


Position 14: Factory Engineer

1. Responsible for daily management, periodic maintenance and system energy saving improvement of system equipment such as power, air conditioning, control, pure wastewater, gas, chemical, fire protection, machinery, etc.
2. Responsible for the daily maintenance and repair and maintenance management of the public facilities in the factory.
3. Responsible for project management such as new additions and renovations of the factory system, abnormal handling of the systems under its jurisdiction, and emergency response-related disposal.
1. Bachelor degree; major in mechanical, electric power, automation, HVAC, thermal energy, water supply and drainage, environmental engineering, etc.
2. Be proactive, good at learning, innovative, teamwork spirit; careful and rigorous, able to work hard, and proficient in CAD drawing priority.


Position 15: CIM Engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. Maintenance and management of production system data to ensure the accuracy and security of data.
2. Collect data generated during production and report design for requirements.
3. Optimize the production system for secondary development.
1. Bachelor degree, software engineering, database processing and other related majors.
2. Familiar with ORACLE database management and maintenance, able to independently write storage, JOB and Function.
3. Proficient in JAVA programming, familiar with running Eclipse platform; familiar with secondary development of FineReport report.


Position 16: Package Engineer

1. Develop packaging technology such as Die Bonding and Wire Bonding for microwave power devices.
2. The packaging process of the new product is introduced into production to ensure high-quality power amplifier tube production.
3. Purchase and evaluate packaging materials and tooling fixtures for microwave power devices.
4. Maintenance and upgrade of the packaging process technology to solve the abnormalities in the production of microwave power device packaging.
1. Bachelor degree, major in electronics packaging, microelectronics, mechanical engineering, etc.
2. Excellent teamwork and technical document writing skills and habits, excellent communication skills, good English reading and writing skills.


Position 17: Administrative Commissioner

1. Prepare and revise various administrative management norms, procedures and guidelines in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system.
2. Responsible for internal and external communication and coordination, and promote the implementation and implementation of various administrative systems.
3. Participate in the company's cultural construction, be familiar with the various administrative services within the department, and assume job representation as needed.
1. Bachelor degree, major in administrative management.
2. Strong writing skills, language skills, organizational coordination and communication skills; experience in organizing various activities in schools is preferred; driver's license is preferred.


Position 18: Finance Specialist

1. Responsible for the company's fund security, handling the daily settlement of funds and foreign exchange related business.
2. From the perspective of cash flow, ensure that each financial revenue and expenditure meets the specific financial revenue and expenditure plan and achieve the budget target.
3. Assist general ledger or management accountant in handling daily accounting matters.
1. Bachelor degree, major in finance or manager.
2. Skilled software uses office software, and accounting qualifications are preferred.


Position 19: Legal Commissioner

1. Responsible for the drafting, review and custody of the company's legal agreement.
2. Provide day-to-day legal support for corporate decision-making operations and other business units.
3. Responsible for legal affairs related to the company's industrial and commercial registration.
4. Assist in the management of intellectual property matters such as patents and trademarks of the company.
1. Bachelor degree, law-related major, proficiency in company law, intellectual property law and other relevant laws and regulations.
2. Excellent written expression skills, rigorous style of work and career planning with long-term corporate legal affairs.


Position 20: Human Resources Specialist

1. Responsible for assisting the company's human resources management system system construction, as well as assisting the company's company selection, education, use, retention and other modules of business development.
2. Responsible for the professional support of human resources in the business department and continuously improve the value of the department.
3. Maintain active interaction with employees, do a good job in employee relations, and continuously improve the awareness of human resources.
1. Bachelor degree, human resources related major;
2. Good written expression, good at communication and coordination, high level of enthusiasm and responsibility, able to withstand certain pressures, strong team spirit.


Position 21: Purchasing Specialist

Job responsibilities:
1. Development of new products and new suppliers, supplier evaluation and management.
2. Coordinate suppliers and internal functional departments to achieve project procurement objectives and procurement performance targets.
3. Control of procurement costs, production of contracts/orders, signing and filing.
4. Coordination of the procurement of materials and coordination of problems.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in science and engineering (electronics, communication, materials, chemistry, etc.).
2. Good communication and application skills in English, excellent organization, coordination and communication skills, strong initiative and good teamwork spirit.


Position 22: Planning Commissioner

Job responsibilities:
1. According to the sales order assistance, cooperate with the production plan, complete the order task deployment, review, registration and classification.
2. Track the delivery time of the order, coordinate the order delivery period of quality, production, R&D and other departments to ensure the delivery rate.
3. Produce abnormal reports, coordination, adjustment, and tracking results.
1. Bachelor degree, major in industrial engineering, logistics, etc.
4. Have excellent communication and coordination skills, good teamwork spirit.


Social recruitment job requirements


Position 1: Director of Product Management

1. Lead the planning and product definition of new product series, evaluate the market demand, manufacturing maturity and production cost
of new products 2. Responsible for new product development cycle management, product life cycle management, product series management, product release and Delivery management, order management and shelf management.

1. Five years of experience in analog integrated circuit product management. Experience in RF semiconductor design or RF product application support is preferred;
2. Familiar with semiconductor manufacturing process, familiar with semiconductor product testing, reliability and quality certification process, skilled use of statistical analysis tools for product management, and technical information support capabilities.


Position 2: Senior Application Engineer

1. Leading the design and commissioning of GaN power amplifier modules according to the requirements of major customers, quickly responding to the needs of large customers, and timely solving technical problems raised by customers;
2. Focusing on the development and optimization of power amplifier tube matching, high-efficiency RF power amplifier circuit design, etc. technology;
3. assist in planning products, timely feedback to customer needs and competitor information;
4. applications written documentation, participation in technical conferences and published technical articles, participate in various marketing activities.

1. Bachelor degree or above in microwave engineering or electronic engineering, more than five years working experience in RF amplifier field, rich experience in circuit design of microwave power amplifier, familiar with high power amplifier architecture such as Doherty. Have a deep understanding of RF components, have an understanding of device physics and device models;
2. Proficiency in the use of network analyzers, spectrum analyzers and other microwave test instruments and equipment, strong hands-on ability;
3. Communication large customer amplifier design support Experience, working experience in LDMOS or GaN original factory is preferred.


Position 3: PDK Engineer 

1. Responsible for PDK development work;
2. Responsible for device optimization, model testing and model QA work;
3. Responsible for model optimization and PDK verification;
4. Responsible for solving the PDK customer problem of device model.

1. Master or doctoral degree, microelectronics or physics;
2. Semiconductor model and PDK background, semiconductor process and device knowledge;
3. Work experience in Shanghai/Jiangsu/Overseas company, 3 years working experience, Have the programming skills of related software.


Position 4: New Product Introduction (NPI) Engineer

1. inter-departmental team set up new product introduction, new product introduction prenatal period to complete all tasks in the project transferred amount;
2. production planning and control of project status of the work, especially the cost, schedule and quality;
3 Coordinate the introduction of new products into pre-production trial operation resources and form test reports;
4. Provide consultation on process improvement activities for different departments.

1. Bachelor degree or above with experience in semiconductor industry;
2. Three to five years of experience in new product introduction;
3. Familiar with data analysis software or simply write some simple code to extract mass production data in programming language And analysis charts;
4. Familiar with the background and expertise of project management;
5. Good communication and coordination skills, good English reading and writing skills.


Position 5: Power Supply Tube Packaging Supervisor

1. Responsible for the packaging technology work of GaN products; set up the packaging technology team, train and evaluate the technical personnel to ensure the team members to complete the tasks in quality and quantity; lead the relevant documents for writing the packaging process (FMEA, CP, OCAP, SOP, etc.) Responsible for the development of new products, new processes and new materials, and the introduction and maintenance of mass production;
2. Responsible for the quality control of packaging products and products, regular inspection of process specifications and operation instructions, quality records and implementation of control plans, And timely correct non-conformities;
3. Lead packaging technology and process development, especially packaging development of high-power GaN products;
4. Collect and evaluate customer packaging requirements through market departments, propose new product development plans, and submit product packaging program;
5. reflect abnormal timely processing of customer complaints and customers to provide technical support;
6. docking technology and outsourcing packaging factory to ensure quality and reliable outsourcing package.

1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics/semiconductor/microelectronics, bachelor degree or above, basic English proficiency;
2. Familiar with the production process of semiconductor packaging and testing processes, familiar with various packaging and testing equipment;
3. More than five years Work experience in the field of semiconductor packaging, with new technology and new product introduction work background, more than two years of management experience.


Position 6: Senior Project Management Engineer

1. Develop and improve new product development related processes, forms and documents;
2. Coordinate and coordinate new products from project establishment, development to mass production and listing, etc., responsible for the progress and quality of product development;
3. Promote new products development process standardization, accreditation approval organizations critical node to coordinate inter-departmental cooperation;
4. manage the product development process relevant information and documents and archives;
5. process management and control of the project budget, costs, resources, risks, changes and other;
6. Coordinate and coordinate the support of new product development projects such as quality, procurement, production and supply chain.

1. Bachelor degree or above, microelectronics, semiconductor, microwave radio related professional background;
2. R & D background and project management work for more than 5 years, microelectronics, semiconductor, microwave radio industry priority;
3. Skilled use of project management tool. PMP certifiers are preferred.


Position 7: Senior Product Management Engineer    

1. Responsible for market-ready product releases, track market performance after the listing, the termination of old products and follow-up services;
2. Products / generation management, product-related documentation updates, timely delivery of updated products to market;
3 Coordinate rules between departments and final delivery schedules, as well as order and product flow rules;
4. Process product order processing, organize product batch production, balance customer needs, coordinate internal and external customer orders and production line capacity and Matching supply chain resources, organizational calculations and feedback delivery, tracking and facilitating scheduled delivery;
5. Tracking and maintaining reasonable inventory;
6. Other tasks assigned by superiors.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, microelectronics, semiconductor, microwave radio related professional background;
2. Engaged in product management for more than 5 years, microelectronics, semiconductor, microwave radio industry priority.


Position 8: Customer Quality Engineer (CQE)

1. Handle customer quality complaints, promote customer feedback process and follow up on improvement measures; ensure smooth and effective feedback and handling of customer complaints;
2. Develop corresponding product quality inspection standards and quality according to customer requirements and product quality conditions Information feedback and statistical process; strictly control and monitor the quality level of shipped products;
3. Establish, maintain and continuously improve the quality management system according to customer requirements, promote process standardization, ensure that quality management system meets customer requirements and operates effectively ;
4. organize regular product review or oversight process problems to improve the effectiveness of promoting the progress and results;
5. ensure effective quality management system, applicable on the basis of quality audits and prepare the corresponding organization and coordination of customer and certification body.

1. Bachelor degree, English level 4 or above, with more than 3 years experience as a quality engineer in the semiconductor industry, familiar with FAB workflow;
2. Familiar with IS09001 quality management system standards, experience in actually promoting quality management system is preferred;
3 Proficiency in quality tools such as 8D, FMFA, SPC, MSA;
4. Good language skills, great courage, stress resistance and strong execution.


Position 9: Design Quality Engineer (DQE)  

1. Establish and maintain a quality management system for the design and development process;
2. Assist in the development of product development plans and objectives to ensure that the requirements of customers and stakeholders are met;
3. Quality assessment of each node of the product development process, Ensure that the delivered project is completed on time and meet the evaluation criteria;
4. Responsible for reviewing the relevant D/PFMEA and control plan and other document specifications;
5. Promote the resolution of quality problems in the development process, and promote relevant departments to take appropriate corrective actions in a timely manner. And track and verify the improvement effect;
6. Assist the product in the trial production verification activities;
7. Responsible for the design development process change confirmation and tracking, establish and maintain the change control process in the development phase, to ensure that the change is validated and verified confirm.

1. Bachelor degree, relevant background work experience of five years or above, work experience in R&D or quality management of semiconductor industry is preferred;
2. Familiar with quality tools such as APQP and FMEA, and experience in actual quality management system is preferred;
3. Specific good language skills and strong communication skills;
4. Proficiency in office software such as office, English level 4 or above.


Position 10: Packaging Engineer

1. Develop power chip eutectic soldering technology;
2. Develop wire bonding technology, especially wedge bonding;
3. Develop other packaging related process technologies;
4. Seal and test production line Process stability monitoring and abnormal solution;
5. Design and improvement of production line sealing and testing fixtures;
6. Batch packaging of some products with outsourcing packaging companies, and supervising the packaging quality of packaging companies;
7. Packaging of outer casings and other raw materials Optional and evaluation;
8. Maintenance and maintenance equipment to solve abnormalities in the production of microwave power devices.

1. Bachelor degree in Microelectronics Packaging, Mechanical Engineering, Automation Engineering;
2. Experience in semiconductor packaging enterprise development or manufacturing for two years;
3. Experience in the development, manufacturing and maintenance of mechatronics equipment is preferred;
4. Familiar with the use and maintenance of electromechanical integrated precision equipment;
5. Master the principle and method of chip eutectic soldering and gold wire bonding;
6. Proficiency in computer aided design tools such as AutoCAD;
7. Understand the characteristics of heat conduction and its Application in semiconductor devices.


Position 11: Crystal Back Process Engineer 

1. Responsible for the commissioning and stability improvement of the crystal back process equipment;
2. Responsible for writing and updating the standard documents related to the crystal back process;
3. Responsible for crystal back process optimization, process parameter adjustment and yield improvement;
4. Responsible for control And continue to improve the manufacturing cost of the process;
5. Responsible for the evaluation and introduction of new materials and equipment in the crystal back process.

1. Microelectronics, materials, semiconductor devices, physics or similar educational background;
2. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of discrete device experience;
3. Familiar with semiconductor chip process;
4. Good communication Ability and teamwork ability, work hard, serious and responsible;
5. Good English reading and writing ability;
6. GaN or third-generation semiconductor device crystal back process is preferred.


Position 12: RF Power Amplifier Engineer

Job responsibilities:
1. GaN RF power amplifier tube matching design;
2. Device evaluation, application solution design.

1. Master degree, major in microwave and microelectronics, 2-3 years experience in RF field;
2. Familiar with LDMOS, GaN microwave amplifier device physical characteristics;
3. Familiar with wireless communication system transmitter architecture, understand each Class high efficiency power amplifier (Doherty), broadband power amplifier circuit working principle;
4. Familiar with LDMOS, or GaN RF amplifier matching design ideas;
5. Skilled in using network analyzers, signal sources, spectrum analyzers, power meters, noise analyzers, etc. Radio frequency instruments;
6. Strong sense of responsibility, self-confidence, proactive work, strong execution, open mind, fast learning ability and good communication skills;
7. Have a certain understanding of the product development process, there is a strong Quality Awareness.


Position 13: Senior Reliability Engineer

1. Lead/lead reliability team to complete the following tasks:
2. Development of reliability test methods, improvement and related experimental specification writing;
3. Experimental data analysis, failure mechanism research, experimental report writing;
4. Experimental equipment development, Project management, process / product reliability identification;
5. Customer complaint handling.

1. Master's or doctoral degree, microelectronics or electronic technology professional education background;
2. Ph.D. or above or master's degree in semiconductor reliability work experience;
3. Experience in team management, semiconductor process and equipment development priority.


Position 14: Sales Support Engineer  

1. industry and market information collection, collation and analysis;
2. Collection of competitors, collation and analysis;
collecting 3. customer information, collation and analysis;
4. Customer ratings and sorting;
5. Management of customer product requirements;
6. Analysis and management of product life cycle;
7. Analysis and management of product pricing;
8. Implementation of market and brand promotion work;
9. ERP system, market customer, product, pricing related information Management and maintenance;
10. Management of quality documents, systems, processes and forms related to the market;
11. Documentation, minutes and data recording and management.

1. Bachelor degree or above, no specialties;
2. 1-3 years working experience in the same industry;
3. Proficiency in using EXCEL, WORD, PPT and other office software;
4. Proficiency in reading and writing English materials, able to Understand high-intensity working pressure;
5. Priority conditions: Science, engineering, and other science and engineering majors are preferred. 


Position 15: Extension Engineer

1. Responsible for the implementation of the first-line production process to ensure the stable mass production of the machine;
2. Supervise the stability of the machine and propose the dynamic compensation trend;
3. Responsible for the first-line material test execution to ensure the daily test work is completed. ;
4. to oversee the stability of the test equipment, the test program to detect abnormal error and equipment, and test engineers to assist in troubleshooting;
5. training and guidance technician jobs.

1. Bachelor degree, major in electronics, microelectronics, materials, physics, etc.
2. Experience in MOCVD is preferred.


Position 16: Advanced Lithography Process Engineer

1. Responsible for lithography process of GaN microwave power device;
2. Responsible for daily management and maintenance of lithography process of scale production line;
3. Writing and updating of lithography module system file;
4. Maintaining lithography process stability and eliminating abnormal production line Problem;
5. Develop new processes related to lithography.

1. Have at least 3 years of work experience in large-scale production plant for semiconductor lithography processes, proficient in semiconductor lithography process technology;
2. optical, electronic engineering, semiconductor physics, microelectronics or related undergraduate or master's degree or above;
3 Proficiency in SPC stability monitoring, 6sigma and other related system knowledge;
4. Cheerful, sincere, rigorous, hardworking, courageous to take responsibility, meet challenges;
5. Third-generation compound semiconductor material lithography process experience is preferred.
6. Familiar with the operating principle of NIKON series lithography machine is preferred, strong optical theory knowledge, semiconductor manufacturing process knowledge, experimental design knowledge, familiar with ISO9001 quality system.


Position 17: Advanced Packaging Engineer

1. Planning packaging technology roadmap for GaN package for strategic planning and layout;
2. Gather by the marketing department and development department and RF assess customer needs, introduce new product packaging development plan, and submit product packaging schemes;
3. Responsible for the packaging development of various packaging forms such as plastic packaging and ceramic sealing of GaN chips;
4. Introducing new packaging technology to continuously improve packaging design;
5. Evaluating optimized packaging design from the perspectives of cost, quality and risk;
6. Applying new materials And process design, improve chip packaging solutions, reduce product costs, improve yield;
7. Provide packaging technology support for customers.

1. Master degree or above, material/semiconductor/microelectronics packaging;
2. More than five years experience in semiconductor package design and development, working experience in mass production and packaging industry;
3. GaN, LDMOS and other RF high power Package design experience;
4. Familiar with package structure, material properties, thermal properties, mechanical properties, reliability;
5. Familiar with chip and substrate soldering technology;
6. Familiar with wire bonding and other process technologies;
7. Familiar with various package forms Design, especially QFN, DFN, ceramic packaging, etc.


Position 18: Gas Engineer

1. The assistant engineer of the factory gas system
is responsible for the daily management of the factory gas system; 2. Responsible for system maintenance and engineering planning recommendations, related operations and abnormal handling;
3. Responsible for operational data sorting and document improvement, training, etc.;
4. Complete the tasks and requirements assigned by the superior manager/supervisor.

1. Full-time undergraduate, more than two years experience in factory gas;
2. Gas system/chemical system related major;
3. Skilled English reading level;
4. Semiconductor related industry priority;
5. Require certain Writing skills.


Position 19: Material Purchase Planner

Job responsibilities:
1. Develop a material demand plan according to the production master plan;
2. Monitor the inventory level to ensure a reasonable inventory turnover rate;
3. According to the plan, place the purchase order and track the delivery date.

1. Bachelor degree, experience in material industry for more than three years;
2. Familiar with ERP operation, proficient in office software, especially EXCEL operation.


Position 20: Lithography Equipment Engineer

1. Ensure the normal operation of equipment and provide stable equipment status for process production;
2. Effectively solve various equipment failures and reduce equipment downtime;
3. Implement equipment pre-knowledge maintenance to maintain equipment performance status Improve the uptime of the equipment;
4. Assist the craftsman, optimize the production process and ensure the stability of the process;
5. Responsible for the formulation and modification of the relevant documents of the equipment;
6. Responsible for managing the spare parts and consumable parts of the equipment.

1. Degree full-time undergraduate science and engineering, automation, machinery, electronics, instrumentation and other related professionals;
2. More than two years of DUV lithography or electron-beam lithography equipment maintenance work experience;
3. Have Strong knowledge of digital and modular electrical theory;
4. Proficiency in English literacy;
5. Strong executive and hands-on skills, good communication skills and teamwork awareness.


Position 21: Process Engineer

1. Responsible for maintaining the stable operation of compound semiconductor production line process and equipment;
2. Processing, analyzing and resolving production line abnormalities, providing efficient technical support for production;
3. Formulating and optimizing standard operating specifications, improving operation quality and reducing costs ;
4. tracking, analysis and production line SPC data plan to enhance production stability.

1. Science and engineering background, college degree or above;
2. Familiar with the production process of semiconductor front and back, have a certain understanding of semiconductor process principles;
3. Strong communication skills, strong ability to deal with unexpected problems;
4. Responsible and hard-working;
5. Relevant experience is preferred.


Position 22: Packaging Technician

1. Responsible for testing, Die bonding, Wire bonding and other packaging and testing related operations;
2. Responsible for the assembly of the board, daily maintenance and maintenance of the production equipment.

1. Technical secondary school or above, mechanical, mechanical engineering, automation engineering, microelectronics packaging and other science and engineering majors;
2. Good recognition of engineering drawings, eutectic patches, wire bonding equipment users preferred ;
3. there semiconductor package enterprises engaged in the production of packaging, microassembly, the circuit module assembly experience preferred.


Position 23: Production Technician

Job Responsibilities:
Operate the machine in accordance with the machine operation instructions, and carry out production operations according to the process requirements.

1. High school/secondary school or above, major in engineering, such as chemical, mechanical, electronic, computer, etc.;
2. Experience in semiconductor industry or junior college students can be used as reserve cadre training.


Position 24: Quality Inspector

1. Responsible for quality inspection and inspection of products in the production process;
2. Responsible for auditing the standardization of production technicians and 7S, 5M1E and other matters;
3. Ability to handle expert quality problems, including cross- Feedback and timely communication of departmental issues to promote quality improvement (including analysis and processing of problems).

1. High school, middle school, technical secondary school or above;
2. Electronic factory IPQC, QC and other quality inspection work experience, and stable, practical priority.


Position 25: Reliability Technician

1. Responsible for reliability test sample loading, sample management, experimental implementation;
2. Responsible for sample performance testing, data collection;
3. Responsible for maintenance of related equipment;
4. Responsible for laboratory management.

1. College degree, graduated from engineering college, professional background of electronic technology/mechatronics;
2. One year of equipment operation experience.


Position 26: Extension Production Technician

1. Responsible for the operation of the extension machine, basic maintenance;
2. Responsible for the production of the extension machine, product quality;
3. Cooperate with the extension engineer for equipment commissioning and maintenance;
4. Fill in and sort out the process data files;
5. Responsible Test the operation and calibration of the machine, and complete the daily test tasks;
6. Organize the material test data and complete the corresponding test report;
7. Coordinate with the test engineer to debug and maintain the test equipment;
8. Responsible for the 7S work of the extension department.

1. College degree or above, freshman in electronics, microelectronics, materials, physics, chemistry, etc.;
2. Academic degree or above, experience in MOCVD machine operation in LED industry, or GaN Extensive testing work experience is preferred.


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