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"I am glad to see that the first tranche closing remains on schedule for a close on or before October 31st. Once the $8M has been received by Poet it is a reasonable assumption that the second tranche is 'locked-in' with a presumed 2nd tranche closing by end of year."

The key is receiving the $8 million with no strings attached, and from what I read in the circular, that money may be delayed a few days beyond the 31st.  I have to tell you, I still question whether we are getting that full $8 million, I believe the circular is written with some wiggle-room on that score.  Also, does anyone know what happens if the deal dies between the closing and the receipt of the second tranche?  Do we then have to give back the money and they give us back the portion of the stock they received.  I did not think that was made clear, but that would be the way most contracts work.  I worry as long as the DL buyer has a way out.

I'm quite certain most think I'm being too negative, well, in a couple of weeks we should have the answer to my first concern.  Hope volume picks up between now and the 31st, would be a comforting sign.

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