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All risk is on POET. The shares revert if the sale doesn't close, DL comes back on our books, and the apocalyptic scenario Mika laid out to encourage shareholders to vote yes on the 24th of Oct, will come into play.

There is a high degree of confidence, at times, in the NR's suggesting the deal will close by end of year Tranches 1 and 2.

However, there are caveats that it might take 6 months beyond this, and little clarity as to what that might mean.

It is becoming clear POET's future actions on the OI, including mass production and announcements that the OI can be prototyped by customers for external qualification, rest on the fate of this deal. I can't find any logical path to suggest a buyout is imminent, but I can't find one to suggest a buyout is not on the table either.

Overall, the narrative on where we are, and what the DL brings, is good. But the market is clearly weighing the risks of the deal not closing and all hell being unleashed on our fragile position.

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