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Well put and simple Lumenge;)

Press release aug 20th.

one of Dynax’s major shareholders, the Suzhou Xiang Cheng District Investment Fund and a leading developer and manufacturer of Gallium Arsenide-based fiber lasers and optical passive devices for high powered lasers.

Thank's to Oz's and Morning Stars original post.

Silicon Photonics Stumbles at the Last Meter

"That might sound like a lot, but that figure actually represents less than two weeks of production in a typical foundry. In reality, any given transceiver manufacturer might capture 25 percent of the market and still support only a few days of production. There needs to be a path to higher volume if costs are really going to fall. The only way to make that happen is to figure out how to use photonics below the TOR switch, all the way to the processors inside the servers."

Believe Suresh said they were setting up two wafer units in a separate room at Silterra when they partnered with them.

"One way to reduce cost is, of course, to make the chips in the optical module cheaper. Though there are other ways to make these chips, a technique called wafer-scale integration could help. Wafer-scale integration means making photonics on one wafer of silicon, electronics on another, and then attaching the wafers. The paired wafers are then diced up into chips designed to be nearly complete modules. (The laser, which is made from a semiconductor other than silicon, remains separate.) This approach cuts manu­facturing costs because it allows for assembly and production in parallel."

The laser in brackets!! Suzhou Xiang Cheng leading developer with GaA based fiber lasers.(Poet were looking for a partner to develop. If it's not already. Maybe that's down the road. In the Management Information Circular on page 17(Fair restraints.) We all have the circular. In the circular it refers to Indium Phosphide lasers instead. Is the GaA a little further down the road? 

"Optical Interposer Product Carve Out" directly below states that "any restricted  customer (US or PRC based company) must of had dealings with Poet or Denselight 2 years prior to the closing and will be the sole customer."

Grasping here but on AGM slide 7 they provide the top 5 companies driving data center growth, why was Apple entered in the slide as number 6 and greyed out!! They were 3 or 4 years back with the TRAB.

"Tomorrow (Right): Photonics could facilitate a change in data-center architecture. Rack-scale architecture would make data centers more flexible by physically separating computers from their memory resources and connecting them through an optical network."

 "Nevertheless, the stupendous potential of the technology has kept the dream alive. The technical challenges are still formidable. But new ideas about how data centers could be designed have, at last, offered a plausible path to a photonic revolution that could help tame the tides of big data."





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