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Message: Is an Old Message still Valid

Just looking back over the years and looked up an old interesting article, link below;


I was wondering how are Good Dr. Deshmukh was doing in his latest role with Matson (selling machines world-wide) and if he would still be considered an "Advisor for Special Projects" to our S.V. and Poet and then I came accross the quote below from the link to the article above; and was thinking to myself again, is this not what the OI is supposed to accomplish when fully commercialized....thus the only difference being InP and not GaAs just yet..........!!!!!

Will Poet have slayed the Dragon and actually posess the "Holy Grail" after all this time.

Sure makes one think...doesn't it.

"Poet Technologies goal is simple: develop its planar opto-electronic technology (POET) for monolithic fabrication of integrated circuit devices containing both electronic and optical elements on a single semiconductor wafer. If the company achieves this it will rewrite Moore’s Law and change how information is stored on semiconductors".

Please do your own DD.


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